Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: Charles Bellini Estate Account, 20 February 1816


Charles Bellini Estate Account

The Estate of Charles Bellini decd in acct with John Bracken admor Dr & Cr
Jan’ry By hire of Mars 1805 recd in 1806  £20: 0:0= $      66 66
April By sale of ditto  £80: 0:0=     266 66
  To Amount of Doctr Galt’s Judgment & Costs  £88:13:2= 295 53  
  To paid estate of Doctor James Carter claim  £5: 8:0= 18    
  To paid Robert Saunders his acct for fees   6 25  
decembr By Sale of Slave Lucy and child £120: 0:0=     400  
    319 78 733 32
   To 5 perCent Coms on Receipts   36 65    
  $ 356 43 733 32.
        356 43
  By this balance due the Estate Jan’ry 1st 1807   $ 376 89
Jan’ry By Sale of Lucy’s youngest child  £60: 0:0=     200
  To 5 perCt Comn on this receipt   10      
  $ 10   200
  By this balance of last Sale Jan’ry 1810 $     190  

In february 1807 The Administrator remitted a Bill of Exchange on London for £100—sterling, which was accepted thro’ the aid of James Monroe Esqr in favor of Mr Mazzei for and on behalf of Aurora and Louisa Bellini Sisters of his intestate Charles Bellini; That the Admor acted under a Power of Attorney from the said Aurora and Louisa Bellini. From the State of Europe at that time the money was not received by them; and it remained unredeemed in London ’till some time in 1810 when it was redrawn by the aid of Mr Rutherfoord at Richmond, Mr Gist of London becoming security to the acceptor against the claim of Mr Mazzei.—From this period ’till October 1811, no opportunity occurred by which the Admor could attempt a remittance.

In October 1811 The Admor by the advice and assistance of Thomas Jefferson Esqr, made a remittance of the whole fund in his hands by Mr George Jefferson then going to Lisbon as American Consul. This Payment Mr Jefferson was unable to effect from the disturbed State of Italy:—and Mr Jefferson having died before his return to the U. States, the administrator did not receive the amount from his Estate ’till January 1813, when it was paid into the hands of Mr Robert Greenhow of Richmond for him. Under these circumstances the administrator believes he is not justly chargeable with Interest from 1807 to January 1813.—1

The following will be the result from the Statement rendered, and the remarks of the Administrator;

Dr Mr John Bracken Administrator

To Aurora and Louisa Bellini.
  To balance due on the account of Administration Jan’ry 1807. $376:89
To ditto  ditto Jan’ry 1810.  190:00
To interest on the whole from Jan’ry 1813 to }  102: 3.
 Jan’ry 1816

John Bracken

Under the Authority granted to me by Thomas Jefferson esqr of Monticello in Virginia acting for and on behalf of John Baptist Fancelli of Florence in Italy, I have settled the within Administration account of John Bracken on Charles Bellini’s estate, and have received from him the Sum of Six hundred and sixty eight dollars and ninety two Cents the balance due from him as above stated. having signed a duplicate. Williamsburg January 30th 1816.

Ro: Saunders.2

Dr John Baptist Fancelli, by Thomas Jefferson his attorney, in acct with Robert Saunders—
Jan’ry 30. To Commission @ 5 perCt for settling and receiving balance due from John Bracken admor of Charles Bellini $668:92 as per acct rendered herewith } $33:44
Feb’y 3d & 14th To this sum deposited in the Bank of Virginia to your credit by Thomas Jefferson Esqr $635:48
1816  Cr
Jan’ry 30th By Amount received from John Bracken Admor of Charles Bellini for Aurora and Louisa Bellini his Hrs as per acct } $668:92
Williamsburg Virginia
 feb’ry 20th 1816.
 Ro: Saunders.

MS (DLC); in the hand of Saunders, signed by Bracken and Saunders.

For Bracken’s bill of exchange remitted to TJ in 1807, see note to TJ to Bracken, 2 Aug. 1811.

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