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Thomas Jefferson’s Account with William & Reuben Mitchell, [ca. 31 December 1813]

Account with William & Reuben Mitchell

[ca. 31 Dec. 1813]

M. Thomas Jefferson

In a/c with W. & R. Mitchell Dr

May To Flour over drawn equeal 6¾ bus. Wheat 7/6 $8.43
To Extra on 141 Barrels Flour 3/. 70.50
Decr  31 To Carriage  44 Bbls  Flour  to Richmond 2/. 14.67
To ditto  40 13.33
To ditto  42 14.00
To ditto  241 8.00
To Provisions furnished Boatmen 33.29
To 2³³⁄₆₀ Wheat over drawn 1.70
To Extra on 1262 Barrels Flour 3/. 63.00
Due W. & R. Mitchell $226.923
Errs Excepted

W. & R. Mitchell

MS (ViU: TJP-ER); in the hand of a representative of William & Reuben Mitchell and endorsed by him on verso as “A/c M. Jefferson to W. & R. Mitchell”; endorsed by TJ: “Mitchells Messrs account of wheat & flour of 1813.

viz. bush Bar.
827–57 = 126. SF
 25. F
151 .”

TJ obtained the information given in his endorsement above from an undated “Statement of Mr Jeffersons wheat a/c; crop of 1813,” which additionally breaks down each shipment to Richmond into fine and superfine flour and notes that one hundred and fifty barrels of flour had been sent to Richmond and one barrel of superfine flour to Poplar Forest (MS in ViU: TJP-ER; in the hand of a representative of William & Reuben Mitchell and endorsed by him as “Mr Jeffersons Wheat crop 1813”).

On the verso of an undated list of wheat deliveries to William & Reuben Mitchell, TJ noted by way of summary that his “wheat of 1812. 780–45 b.,” the equivalent, he claimed, of 141 barrels flour, had been “delivd spring of 1813” (MS in ViU: TJP-ER; in the hand of a representative of William & Reuben Mitchell, with notation by TJ; endorsed by TJ: “Mitchells”).

1Below and to the right of this column, TJ recorded the total of the four preceeding lines as “150. Bar.”

2Below this column in an unidentified hand is the sum “267,” the total number of barrels in the two “To Extra” entries.

3In the margin to the right of this column an unidentified person broke most of this sum down into “83.29,” the total transportation costs (carriage plus provisions), and “133.50,” the amount due from the two “To Extra” entries.

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