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Enclosure: Thomas Jefferson’s Account with Craven Peyton for Purchase of Henderson Lands, 14 July 1801 to 7 January 1809


Account with Craven Peyton for Purchase of Henderson Lands

      Craven Peyton in account for Henderson’s lands, Dr   Dol.       with Th Jefferson. Cr   Dol.
1801. July 14.   To cash remitted by Thomas Walker. 600. 1801   By Sarah Kerr’s part of Hend’s land (except Warehouse & William’s share)1 £ 150–0–0  500.
Oct. 8.  To do remitted by post in bank bills 1240. 27     James L’s part bought of Woodson, including warehouse. 140–0–0  466. 67
  £ s d        Charles’s part (except warehouse & mill site) 128–18–6  429. 75
15  To balance of Shadwell account now due 40–6–7  134. 43     Isham’s part (except warehouse & lot) 128–18–6   429. 752
1802 June 18.  To remittance from Washington 140.    the portions of the same persons in Thorpe’s house 84–0–0  280.
1803. Feb. 23.   To paid by Gibson & Jefferson 1000. 1802. Nov.   By John Henderson’s 102. acres + 6¼ as = 108¼ acres 140–0–0  466. 67
July 12.  To do 1300.     Bennet Hill’s part } except the warehouse 650–0–0  2166. 67
Sep. 6   To pd by do to D. Carr for you 600.     Eliza’s
20.   To order on Gibson & Jefferson for interest 213. 33     Frances’s
Dec. 27.  To remitted do for you 558. 14     Lucy’s
  5786. 17     Nancy C’s
            Mrs Henderson’s (except warehouse)3 250–0–0  833. 33
1804. Sep. 10.   To paid Alexander Garrett for you 150.    By interest allowed on these sums 64–0–0  213. 33
Dec. 10.  To paid D. Carr for you 135.         5786. 17
1805. Apr.   To assumed to Gibson & Jefferson for you 201. 1804.   By mrs Henderson’s Dower in the Warehouse 85–0–0  283. 33
June 25.  To do  paiable July 13. 156. 67       John’s part in do } purchased from Seabrook @ 50.£ each 150–0–0  500.
 do  paiable Aug. 10. 533. 33     Charles’s
 Balance on this account 7. 33     Isham’s
    1183. 33      
1805. June 5.  To an allowance of this date and sum in another account £ 50–0–0  166. 67     By Eliza’s part in do } @ £30. each. 120–0–0  400.  
1807. Nov. 17.  To do  of this date and sum in another account 100. 0.0.  333. 33     Frances’s
  500.     Lucy’s
1809. Jan. 7.   To remitted Gibson & Jefferson for you 30– 0–0  100.       Nancy’s
  To remitted Andrew Benade for you 82–10–0  275.       1183. 33
  375. 1805 June 5.   By Bennet H’s part of warehouse bought of Anderson 50–0–0  166. 67
    1807. Nov. 17.   By John Henderson’s deed of Quitclaim 100–0–0  333. 33
        By John Hend’s 2 lots No 8. 10. between town and river. his rights in the dower estate & all other rights and claims in these lands, bot of James Lewis 375.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 194:34556–7); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated; first page on verso of preceding enclosure and second page on recto of following enclosure.

TJ recorded in MB description begins James A. Bear Jr. and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends the funds he had remitted to Peyton as stated above, with the following variations. On 22 May 1802 he noted that he had settled with Peyton the $131.47 due him. On 8, not 18 June 1802, TJ recorded that he had sent Peyton 140 dollars “in bank bills for balance of May 22.” On 11 Aug. 1803 TJ noted that he owed Peyton “558.14 for which sum I gave him my note payable Dec. 15. at Gibson & Jefferson’s counting house,” indicating at the same time that this figure included neither the interest nor the $600 Craven debt that TJ had agreed to pay to Dabney carr. On 20 Sept. 1803 TJ recorded that he had given Peyton an order on gibson & jefferson for $“213.33 = £64. the interest settled by him on the paiments to the Hendersons which closes all sums due on that account, paiable at 30. days.” On 10 Sept. 1804 TJ wrote that he needed to settle with alexander garrett for several expenses, including a $150 payment for Peyton that was “in part Mrs. Hend.’s warehouse.” On 28 Apr. 1805 he recorded his agreement to pay Peyton through George Jefferson in August the sum of 201. dollars “for 2. shares in the warehouse at Milton.” On 7 Jan. 1809 TJ noted that he had authorized George Jefferson to pay Peyton 100. dollars as “part paimt. of land bot. from James Lewis,” and that day he also indicated that he had drawn a bank order for $275 for Abraham (andrew) Benade to reimburse Peyton for the same tract of land.

The real-estate purchases accounted for here are also documented in Robert F. Haggard, “Thomas Jefferson v. The Heirs of Bennett Henderson, 1795–1818: A Case Study in Caveat Emptor,” MACH description begins Magazine of Albemarle County History, 1940–  (title varies: issued until 1951 as Papers of the Albemarle County Historical Society) description ends 63 (2005): 7–8; TJ to Peyton, 16 Aug. 1809; Craven and Jane Peyton’s Conveyance of the Henderson Lands, [22 Aug. 1809]; and MB description begins James A. Bear Jr. and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends , 2:1125. Peyton evidently bought the land inherited by Sarah Henderson Kerr in the spring of 1803, not 1801. In September, not nov. 1802, Peyton bought lands inherited by the five underage heirs of Bennett Henderson. In February 1805, not 1804, Peyton purchased the warehouse shares of the four youngest Henderson daughters from James L. Henderson. In April, not june 1805, Peyton acquired Bennett H. Henderson’s warehouse share from Richard Anderson. In a rare instance of purchasing land on his own instead of using an agent during his presidency, in May 1804 TJ himself acquired john henderson’s five-acre lot “at the upper end of his father’s land, & adjoining to the lower end of my land on the river” for $40.

On 7 May 1810 TJ agreed to pay Joseph Brand £48 for “his share in the Milton warehouses which now consolidates my title to the whole of the lands of the late Bennett Henderson around Milton” (MB description begins James A. Bear Jr. and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends , 2:1256).

1Omitted closing parenthesis editorially supplied.

2Entry from “Isham’s part” to this point interlined.

3Omitted closing parenthesis editorially supplied.

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  • Anderson, Richard; and Henderson lands search
  • Benade, Abraham search
  • Brand, Joseph; and Henderson lands search
  • Bullock, Eliza Henderson (Bennett Henderson’s daughter; John H. Bullock’s wife) search
  • Carr, Dabney (1773–1837) (TJ’s nephew); and TJ’s debts to search
  • Garrett, Alexander; and TJ’s debts to search
  • Gibson & Jefferson (Richmond firm); and C. Peyton’s arrangement with TJ search
  • Henderson, Bennett; lands of search
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  • Henderson, Charles; and Henderson estate search
  • Henderson, Elizabeth Lewis (Bennett Henderson’s wife) search
  • Henderson, Isham search
  • Henderson, James L.; and Henderson estate search
  • Henderson, John; sells Milton properties search
  • Hornsby, Frances Henderson (Bennett Henderson’s daughter; Thomas Walker Hornsby’s wife); and Milton lands search
  • Jefferson, Thomas; Business & Financial Affairs; Account with Craven Peyton for Purchase of Henderson Lands search
  • Kerr, Sarah Henderson (Bennett Henderson’s daughter; John B. Kerr’s wife) search
  • Nelson, Nancy Crawford Henderson (Bennett Henderson’s daughter; Matthew Nelson’s wife) search
  • Peyton, Craven; account with TJ search
  • Seabrook, Richard search
  • Shadwell (TJ’s estate); account for lease to C. Peyton search
  • Walker, Thomas (1715–94) search
  • Wood, Lucy Henderson (Bennett Henderson’s daughter; John Wood’s wife) search
  • Woodson, Tucker M. search