Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Layout of Fields at Lego, [on or after 30 September 1812]

Notes on Layout of Fields at Lego

[on or after 30 Sept. 1812]

 49. to the bra. by Hickm’s spring
 43.2 to the 1st honey locust.
 64.62 to Culpep. br.
 52.88 to a dry drain.
 49 to Shadw. bra. but qu. how far to line?
 18.7 to supposn deduct
240 po.
½  120. po. or ¾ as for every pole right off from road
for 60. as will require 80. po.

gives 2. fields of 60. as each lying 120. p. on the road & 80. po. right off

MS (ViU: TJP, on deposit from Mrs. Edwin Page Kirk); written entirely in TJ’s hand on address leaf of Mary Lewis to TJ, 23 Sept. 1812, and dated based on date of TJ’s receipt of that letter; with additional, possibly related related calculations by TJ on the same leaf.

Late in 1809 TJ completed a resurvey of his Lego plantation, printed above at 29 Dec. 1809 and now owned by ViCMRL. The latter part of that document is on a different sheet from the rest and may have been compiled in conjunction with the notes printed here, since both relate to TJ’s effort to lay off fields sixty acres in extent and share other similarities. The branch (bra.) by Hickman’s spring was known as Hickman’s branch, and the other two creeks were Culpeper branch (culpep. br.) and Shadwell branch (shadw. bra.).

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