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Thomas Jefferson’s Survey of Boundary between Lego and Pantops, 17 April 1811

Survey of Boundary between Lego and Pantops

1811. Apr. 17. a survey of the line between Lego & Pantops from the stump of the old

line tree near the river up to the clearing on the mountain, called Pantops, with a

view to mark the line accurately from the river to the public road.

every line tree now standing is herein marked, as far as we went.

Beginning at the old fore & aft a little way from the river, the stump of which is still standing, & the body lying on the ground, shewing the marks still visibly.

N. 47.°  E.  51.08 poles } these courses give from the fore & aft stump on the river to the fore & aft here noted a course of N. 4613 E. 366.2 po. by protraction.
N. 33.  E  20.
N. 47.  E.  88.
N. 48½  E.  33.12
N. 47.  E.  47.24
N. 47½  E.  10.68 to a side1 line tree on the left
N. 47.  E.  26.08 to the public road
sa. co. 76.44
365.84   N. 48.  E.  13.2    to a fore & aft tree
N. 43.  E.    8.64 to a line tree on the right .12 from the course } these courses from the fore & aft to the last side line tree2 here noted gives for the true line N. 4513 E. 77.2 po. by protraction, which will leave all the side line trees on their proper side. we pursued the line no further. no line tree is to be seen along the Pantops fence
  5.76 to one on the left .2 from the course.
21.24 in all.
N. 42.  E.    2.56 to a line tree on the left
N. 47½  E.    7.88 to one on the right.
N. 47.  E.    7.24 to one on the right
N. 45½  E.  30.52 to one on the left
N. 44½  E.    4.52 to one on the left.
  75.68   N. 54.  E.    1.72 to one on the right

from the line tree last mention the corner of the Pantops clearing bore N. 19. E. 6.8 poles.

MS (ViU: TJP-ER); entirely in TJ’s hand.

Subjoined to this survey, now attached but possibly originally on a separate sheet, is an undated drawing by TJ of the land on the border between the Shadwell and Lego tracts, from the Rivanna River to the public road:

1Word interlined.

2TJ here canceled “above.”

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