Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: Abner L. Duncan’s Instructions on Settlement of John Peyton’s Estate, [by 15 September 1810]


Abner L. Duncan’s Instructions on Settlement of John Peyton’s Estate

[by 15 Sept. 1810]

To enable R1 Peyton to settle the Estate of J. Peyton in Orleans2 the Powers from the coheirs must be Very full if their are married sisters, their husbands must unite, in the Power or letter of attorney Some Proof of their identity will also be necessary—it would Be well to bring two or three3 Depositions from respectable characters well authenticated to Prove the number of children the Family consisted of—their names and Places of residence, and to Shew also,4 that his Brother never was married

Tr (MHi); on a small slip; in Robert Peyton’s hand and attested and signed by him: “A True Copy from the original instructions from A Duncan,” 15 Sept. 1810; otherwise undated; endorsed by TJ: “Peyton Craven.” Tr (MHi); in Benjamin Morgan’s hand; with Dupl of covering letter subjoined; undated.

1Morgan Tr: “Robert.”

2Morgan Tr: “John Peyton deceased.”

3Morgan Tr: “will be necessary, also two or three.”

4Word omitted in Morgan Tr.

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