Thomas Jefferson Papers

Margaret Bayard Smith to Thomas Jefferson, [by 6 March 1809] [document added in digital edition]

From Margaret Bayard Smith

[by 6 Mar. 1809]

I have seen in your Cabinet, a Geranium, which I understood you cultivated with your own hands. If you do not take it home with you, I entreat you to leave it with me. I cannot tell you how inexpressibly precious it will be to my heart. It shall be attended with the assiduity of affection & watered, with tears of regret; & each day as I attend it, will I invoke the best blessings of Heaven, on the most venerated of human beings!—

RC (MHi); written on a small scrap; undated; endorsed by TJ: “Smith mrs.” This document, located after the pertinent chronological volume was published, will appear in the concluding supplement to the print edition.

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