Thomas Jefferson Papers
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Memorandum Books, 1779


Jan. 1. Gave negroes on the road 4/.
Pd. my sister Carr £27.
3. Pd. entertt. at Watson’s ordinary28 24/.
4. Recd. of T. Garth £50–12.
5. Charge Neilson 1. galln. whiskey.
7. Recd. of T. Garth £271–10.
14. Pd. Anthony Giannini £4–10.
27. Pd. Ph. Mazzei for Jos. Neilson 25/.
Pd. T. Garth 40/.
28. Pd. Thos. Potter for three trees £3.
29. Gave my bond to P. Mazzei as security for Randolph Jefferson for paimt. of £146–4–6 on 4th. of Novemb. 1779. with intt. from 4th. Nov. 1778.
Feb. 1. Recd. of Mr. Chas. Clay for A. S. Jefferson £660.29
2. Pd. Humphrey Gaines £21. Balance now due to him £40–14–11.
Pd. Andr. Leach for watch chain £3.
3. Pd. W. D. Fitz mendg. 2 Spinng. wheels 48/.
4. Put into Phil. Mazzei’s hands to buy bill of exchange for my use £500.
I owe him a balance of £31–8–2¾ which make £60. in consideration of his care of a negro girl.
Lent P. Mazzei 3/.
6. Pd. Anthony Giannini £15.
Pd. Neilson balance in full £38–12–10.
Feb. 8. I am to stop 10/ in my hands due from Isaac Jackson to B. Kindred.
I am to give Neilson 4. dollars a day for every day he works henceforward.
Lent Neilson £40.
9. Pd. Old Jenny for George Bradby’s estate £3–12.
Pd. at Lindsay’s ordinary30 Bob & 4. horses staying there one night £6.
10. Pd. Judith Smith the midwife for delivering three women at Elk hill £9.
Pd. for ferrge. & gave ferrymen at Woodson’s 19/.
14. Pd. Mr. Skipwith for flour in full £32–14.
15. Pd. entertt. at Mcgruder’s31 36/.
Gave Mclurgh’s boy to pay ferrge. 5/.
18. Pd. ferrge. at Cowle’s 30/ ferrymen 6/.
Pd. supper at Southall’s 24/.
20. 32 Pd.  Walker for 700 ℔ fodder £14.
22. Pd. for leathern cap & mendg. harness £5–16.
23. Pd. for paper at Purdie’s 8/.
25. Pd. for 12. bottles anchovies £13.
Pd. for silk 12/ coffee 4/.
Pd. Dr. Mclurgh for my club of ball on 22d. inst. being Genl. Washington’s birth day £20. (His birthday was mistaken. It was in fact the 11th.)33
26. Pd. Beall for 7. hdkchfs. £25–4.
Pd. for silk 36/ ribban 20/.
27. Pd. for books for myself at Purdie’s £4–2 do. for C. H. Harrison £3.
Pd. for an Acacia34 £3–6.
Feb. 27. Pd. J. Blair for P. Mazzei in full £60.
Gave G. Wythe’s Hanah 30/.
Pd. Fal. Frazer’s exr. my bond in full £45–6.
Pd. for silk 6/ candles 24/ Coffee 4/.
Pd. Mrs. Vobe in full £43.
Pd. Mrs. Kell for washing 26/6.
Pd. Holliday putting lock to chariot 18/.
Gave G. W.’s Abram 18/.
28. Pd. Mr. Norwell for 8. bush. corn £19–4.
Pd. ferrge. at Cowle’s 31/ ferrymen 6/.
Mar. 4. Pd. for oats at Goochld. C. H. 30/.
Ferrge. & ferrymen at Woodson’s 2/.
9. Recd. of P. Mazzei £500. (ante Feb. 4.)
10. Put into hands of T. Garth to buy hard money £150.
11. Do. for do. £225.
13. Charge Neilson 1. galln. whiskey.
17. Pd. Anthony Giannini £21.
Recd. of T. Garth £198.
29. Pd. for 3 ℔ butter 24/.
Gave Bob for expences to Fredsbgh. 48/.
Apr. 3. Pd. Phil. Mazzei for Wm. Gaines £36.
5. Pd. R. Harvie for 5 ℔ coffee £4–10.
7. Pd. Isaack Jackson £9. being balance due to him on settlemt. of all accounts.
Credit A. S. Jefferson £6–6–8 for Eve’s hire allowed me in acct. with Jackson.
9. Pd. a coal35 burner 26 days works £15–12.
Apr. 11. Recd. of Chas. Clay for A. S. Jefferson
on 1st. bond  principal  £140.  
Interest 1–7
2d. bond £ 50
& R. Harvie’s note for £400.
Recd. of J. Harvie 45 ℔ iron in part of what he owes me.
16. Pd. R. Harvie for sugar £12.
Recd. of Jas. Minor exr. of John Carr decd. for the children of Dab. Carr £319–10 to be put into loan office.
Pd. Wm. Wallace for butter 36/.
20. Recd. of Chas. Clay for A. S. Jefferson £120.
22. Pd. Majr. Lewis for a calf skin for myself 6£.
Pd. do. for do. for Madme. de Riedesel36 £6.
23. Pd. Anthony Giannini 30/.
Pd. for coffee £5–8.
24. Pd. Richardson the smith 42/.
26. Appropriated £9–5–8 money I had recd. from the Treasurer for Chas. Hudson, for which give him credit with my mother’s estate.
27. Recd. of John Brock for P. Mazzei for a cow & calf sold Genl. Riedesel £36.
28. Inclosed to Gabr. Jones by Mrs. Harvie £64. principal & int. of money borrowed Sep. 29. 1773.37
Recd. of Chas. Clay in full discharge of his 2d. bond to A. S. Jefferson £238. Note there has been £8 of interest in the whole pd. on this bond.
Apr. 28. Pd. Revd. Chas. Clay for P. Mazzei’s subscription to him the 2d. year 16/3.
28. Pd. Hudson Martin balce. due for the leather viz. £3. for myself & £3. fr. Genl. Riedesel.
29. Recd. of James Gatewood by T. Garth £317–8 in discharge of his bond.
Recd. of T. Garth other monies he has collected for me £1179–4.
Pd. Webb the shoemaker £3.
Recd. of Lively by T. Garth for his mare put a season to Caractacus £9–19.
Sold my Piano forte to Genl. Riedesel. He is to give me £100.
30. Recd. from R. Harvie in part of C. Clay’s note mentd. Apr. 11. £387–12.
Pd. Neilson £23–4.
Pd. Lt. Hayer for attendg. to cup Mrs. Jefferson £9.38
Pd. E. Butler £16–5. Still owe him 1/.
Pd. Anthony Giannini for a hoe 30/.
May 1. State of cash on hand given in to assessors39
belonging to  salt company     275 ⅓  D.
Richard Bruce 6 D.
Richmond Dedman 900 Dollr.
the chdr. of Dabney Carr 1065 D.
Philip Mazzei 240 D.
my self in paper 7254 D.
gold & silver 10 ¾ D.
revoked money (my own) not given in 1589 D.
May 1. State of interest recd. since last assesment & given in to assessors.

   for myself £24–17–8.
Mr. Wayles’s estate  54– 7–7.
Pd. Miike40 the taylor £9–12.
Pd. Richardson the smith £19–16.
2. Pd. Peggy Spence for knittg. pr. of stockings 42/.
Pd. negro granny at Elk isld. 30/.
3. Sent by Wm. Chisolm41 to John Tabb to pay my protested bill drawn on Farrell & Jones in favor of Faulcon & indorsed to Tabb as follows
   Principal £300  sterl.
Interest 5y–5m 162 –10
462 –10
Excha. @ 33⅓ 154 – 3–4
616 –13–4
charges of protest suppose   14–8
617 – 8
Pd. A. S. Jefferson £30.42
4. Gave a servt. at Tuckahoe 3/.
Pd. for 2. galls. oats at Galt’s 36/.
6. Pd. ferrge. at Cowle’s 24/.
7. Pd. postage 4/. 8. Took seat in house.43
9. Pd. for wood £5. candles £2–8. bread 4/.
10. Pd. Clapham for 100 ℔ cheese £20.
11. Pd. for a bottle of wine 48/.
12. Pd. for 16. ℔ white sugar £23–7–6.
Pd. Robt. Prentis my protested bill drawn on <Farrell> Lidderdale in favor of John Prentis & co. as follows
Principal £120 .
   Int. 6y–0m–5D @ 10 pr. Ct.  72 – 5
192 – 5
Exch. @ 33⅓ 64 – 1–8
256 – 6–8
Charges protest  8
£256 –14–8
Pd. him also my private acct. £53–0–0.
14. Pd. Philip Mazzei £36. recd. of John Brock.
16. Pd. George Lefont for a set of curls for A. S. Jefferson £15.
17. Lent Joshua Fry £30.
19. Gave J. Harvie’s Charles 12/6.
20. Pd. into Loan office for chdr. of Dabney Carr £319–10.
21. Pd. into Treasury to the credit of John Wayles’s estate & in part of my share of the debt to Farrell & Jones £1000.44
Lost by bad money £9.
Left with G. Wythe for Wm. Holt to pay for a Jenny £25.
Left with do. for do. to pay for a Jack for F. Eppes £25.
Overpd. do. 2/.
Pd. for oranges at Greenspring 18/.
Gave gardener 30/.
Pd. ferrge. & ferrymen at Barrett’s 42/.
May 22. Received of F. Eppes £25.
May 24. Pd. breakfast ferrge. & ferrymen at Bryan’s £3–6.
Pd. at Coffee house 6/.
Pd. Dr. Galt for oil £14–8.
26. Pd. at Clarkson’s for music 48/.
Recd. of T. Garth for Philip Mazzei £62–19.
27. Pd. for 2 slate books 12/.
Pd. Philip Mazzei £62–19.
Pd. Thos. Pleasants 2. guineas gold.
Note I had received these 2. guineas of T. Garth some time ago & not noted them.
June 3. Pd. Martin for sundries £4–7.
Advanced him for future uses £4–13.
4. Pd. ferrge. Barrett’s 18/ ferrymen 2/6.
7. Pd. ferrge. Bryan’s 18/ ferrymen 6/.
9. Pd. Carter for cow & calf bot. for me £50–10.
Pd. do. for 2. wheel barrows £7–16.
Gave him to buy meat £5–12.
11. Gave Carter to buy meat £4–16.
12. Gave a deserter 30/.
13. Pd. washer woman in full £10–4.
Overpd. do. 6/.
15. Pd. a smith for shoeing horses £5–2.
Pd. Reid for 5 gallons rum £60.
17. Recd. of Treasurer in full for wages as delegate £152–11.
Pd. Carter for houshold expences £30.
19. Pd. Poindexter for Steph. Willis in full £51–12.
Pd. Nicholson for a pocket book 10/.
Pd. Lewis, houshold expences 30/.
June 21. Pd. Martin for houshold expences £4–13.
Advanced to do. for do. £4–10.
Pd. J. Page for 2. China bowls £29.
22. Pd. Sampson Matthews in full £97–3.
Engaged him to get me 150 ℔ fall butter.
23. Pd. Wm. Armistead keeper of the public store for Randolph Jefferson £3–10–9.45
24. Pd. for cap wire, thread & needles £24–12.
26. Pd. Carter for houshold expences £15.
29. Pd. for 2 ℔ tea £36.
30. Pd. Carter for houshold expences £24.
Recd. of T. Garth for myself £181–10.
Recd. of do. for P. Mazzei £261–10–6.
Recd. from Gabr. Jones the money sent him ante Apr. 28. viz. £64. with my bond. Note I consider myself still liable to pay it with interest when he shall be willing to accept it.
July 1. Pd. Mr. J. Blair for P. Mazzei £261–10–6.
2. Pd. Carter for houshold expences £9.
Pd. a washerwoman £9.
Pd. ferrge. at Barrett’s 24/.
8. Gave Martin to buy fruit £3.
12. Gave Westover postillions 12/.
13. Pd. ferrge. &c. Bryan’s 30/ ferrymen 6/.
15. Pd. Carter for houshold expences £45.
Pd. a smith for shoeing a horse £4–10.
16. Recd. of Treasurer for clerks of revisors £600.46
Pd. G. Wythe for his clerk & E. Pendleton’s £400.
Have in my hands for Anderson Bryan £200.
July 19. Recd. of Joshua Fry £30.
Pd. Carter hire of himself & negro & balce. of acct. £39.
Pd. wages of Bradley’s negro to this evening £7–10.
20. Cash on hand at sunrise liable to tax
 belonging  to salt company 275  Doll.
to Richd. Bruce 6
to Richmd. Dednam 7
to myself.  paper 1242
gold  & silver 10 ¾
Dollars 1542 512
I am to pay & to charge the tax on this state of money not on that of May 1. according to change in act of ass. since.47
Pd. Carter after-claps in full £12.
21. Pd. Michael Wethers for Madme. de Riedesel making 8. spoons £33–4. Note I delivered him 17½ oz. silver from her.
Pd. Thompson for houshold expences £30.
22. Pd. Martin in full for houshold expencs. £19–10.
Lodged with Mr. Wythe for Thompson to supply houshold expences £105.
Recd. of the Treasurer one month’s salary48 £375.
Pd. Washer woman in full £5–5.
Pd. ferrge. Barrett’s 33/ ferrymen 6/.
25. Gave boys at Forest 36/.
Pd. Thos. Pleasants £450.
July 26. Pd. for pins &c. in Richmond £5–8.
27. Gave Colo. T. M. Randolph orders on Shockoe inspectors for all my tobacco notes of crop of 1778, except 3 hhds. reserved of difft. marks, for overseers or tax. He is to sell it for me at £20.
29. Gave servant at Colo. Cary’s49 6/.
31. Inclosed to Chisolm £15. to buy fowls.
Aug. 3. Recd. of T. Garth for Ph. Mazzei £415–16.
Recd. of do. for myself £61–4.
Agreed with Wm. Gaines that he shall work for me a second year for £200 and fodder for his horse.
Nelson begins to work at £3 a day.
4. Ben Calvert begins to work at 24/ a day.
5. Wm. Fosset begins to work at 30/ a day.
9. Pd. Thos. Potter for a tree £3. (extravagt.)
Lent R. Jefferson £33.
13. Pd. woman from barracks50 for 3 days weaving lace £18.
15. Pd. Revd. Charles Clay in consideration of parochial services £30.
17. Pd. Burras for Venison £6–6 @ 6/ per ℔.
Pd. Anderson Bryan £100.
Charge Neilson 2. galls. whiskey.
26. Gave in charity £3.
28. Gave Phill to pay people who assisted when his waggon broke down £3.
Sep. 2. Recd. of Hudson Martin for P. Mazzei £193–4s.
3. On settlement of all accts. with T. Garth this day the balance in my favor was £338–4s–3d whereon he gave me up my note paiable Jan. 14. 1775 & my bond paiable Dec. 25. 1777. which turned the balance against me £40–7–9 but in the account no allowance was made him for his services as steward for 1778. which we have agreed to have settled by Nichs. Lewis, James Garland, & James Kerr whose award must be added to the preceding balance & will make up my whole debet to him. Moreover to save the trouble of a second reference we agreed the same gentlemen should at the same time settle his wages as steward for this current year 1779.
James Gatewood has pd. off to T. Garth his bond assigned by me to T. Garth Feb. 13. 1778., also his bond51 for £1200 paiable Dec. 10. 1778 which I cancelled & delivered to T. Garth, also £303–3-3 which when applied to the credit of his bond paiable Dec. 10. 1779. leaves a balance due on that bond £715–12–9. with interest thereon from Apr. 26. 1779. This bond I assigned to T. Garth.
See acct. settled with T. Garth this day for articles of acct. with the following persons.
Adams James senr. 5th. page.
Allegre Danl. 6.
Barret James. 4.
Bishop Francis. 1.1.
Brockman John.
Bullock James. 7th. page.
Burton Jesse. 6.
Callaway John. 8.8.
Carter Henry. 1.8.
Chenault Wm. 7.
Clarke Jno. 7.8.
Clarke Rob. 8.8.
Clay Chas. 5.
Craddock Lewis. 1.7.
Eppes Fras. 1.
Gaines Humphrey. 5.
Gaines Richd.
Galaspy David. 6.7.
Gatewood Jas.
Gentry Benajah. 1.
Gooch Wm. 4.
Goodman Chas. 1.1.4.
Haden Anthony. 5.
Harris John. 7.
Harvie John. 8.
Harvie Richd. 4.7.
Harvie Mrs. 5.8.
Henderson Bennett.
Henderson John senr. 6.7.
Hodges Mrs. 1.
Hudson Chas. 8.
Irving Revd. Mr. 4.
Jefferson Anna Scott. 4.4.
Jones Thos. 1.2.
Kerr James. 1.1.
Key John. 2.3.7.
King. 1.
Lewis Charles Lilburne.
Lewis John. 5.
Lewis Wm. 6.
Lott John. 7.
Marks Peter. 7.
Martin Hudson. 3.4.4.
Martin Wm. 6.8.
Massie Thos. 5.5.
Mazzei Philip. 4.4.
Mills Menan. 4.
Montgomery Thos. 2.
Moore John. 4.
Moore John junr. 7.
Mousley Walter.
Mullins Henry. 2.
Neilson Joseph. 4.
Nimmo David. 4.8.
Oglesby Jacob. 5.7.
Old John. 2.2.
Ragland James & Wm. 5.
Reynolds Aggy. 3.
Rice Wm. 1.
Richardson, Richd. 4.
Roach, Craft. 2.
Ross Davd. 2.
Rowland Reuben. 8.
Sharpe Rob. senr.
Sharpe Rob. junr. 5.7.7.
Sheriff of Amherst. 2.
Sheriff of Bedford. 2.2.
Smith Judith. 4.
Tandy Wm. 5.
Turner Francis. 1.
Wayles John’s estate 6.
Winston Edmd.
Woodson Tucker. 1.
Sep. 3. Pd. Will Beck in full £31–16–8.
8. Pd. Ben Calvard £18.
11. Recd. of T. Garth £821–6.
12. Pd. Anderson Bryan £12.
Pd. Miegge the taylor  for Genl. Riedesel £52–4.
for Capt. Gerlach52 £181–16.
for himself £108–2.
On settlemt. with Nielson balance due him is £62.
Balance due Wm. Fosset is £36.
Balance due Ben. Calvard is £7–4.
Pd. Capt. Cleve53 balce. due Madme. de Riedesel £54–6.
Pd. for knitting £3–6.
Sep. 15. Pd. Anthony Giannini for trimming chissell 18/.
Pd. Richardson in full to this day £25–10.
Pd. old Jenny 30/.
18. Gave servts. at Carysbrook £6.
Recd. of Fr. E. Harris by the hands of Ned Harris the £617–8 I had sent to be pd. to J. Tabb which he refused on tender. Note this stops the interest of 10 pr. cent.
Pd. Henry Cox in full £83–14. but he is still to receive paimt. for his share of the crop of 1777. i.e. of 8. hhds. not yet settled.
Pd. H. Cox for Ben Harris for 4 cotton gins £6.
Recd. of Chisolm the money sent him July 31. £15.
20. Repd. Martin mending chariot & ferrge. at Woodson’s 42/.
Pd. ferrge. & ferrymen Manikin town 36/.
Recd. of Colo. T. M. Randolph for 6 hhds. tobo. wt. 5988 ℔ sold by him for me @ £20. the sum of £1189–13. the warehouse expences £7–19 being first stopped out of it.
Pd. Colo. T. M. Randolph for 4. lambs £60.
21. Left with Colo. T. M. Randolph for Wm. Chisolm for my quota raising soldiers £75.
Pd. for sundries in Richmond £3.
22. Left with Fr. Eppes for T. Pleasants £90.
23. Pd. ferrge. & old acct. at Cowle’s 53/ ferrymen 12/.
25. Pd. Martin for houshold expences 18/.
26. Borrowd. of Duncan Rose54 7¼ ℔ white sugar.
Pd. entertt. &c. at Cowle’s £11–11.
Sep. 27. Gave in Charity £15.
Pd. Martin houshold expences £9.
Repd. G. Wythe what he had paid Thompson £30.
Pd. J. Blair for Ph. Mazzei £609.
Pd. Sam. Beall for wine from Cart. Braxton £151.
28. Pd. houshold expences £20–14.
Pd. Miss Cook55 for a bonnet £36.
Pd. houshold expences £18.
30. Gave in charity £3.
Pd. Michael McCarty, sexton,56 for the year £3.
Oct. 1. Pd. Miss Cook for 2 caps £40.
2. Pd. Chas. Taliaferro for 200 bush. coal £180.
Pd. houshold expences £6–19.
Pd. gardener at Green spring for trees £11–8.
Gave in charity £3.
Pd. houshold expences £1–4.
4. Repd. Martin houshold expences £5–14.
Advanced do. for do. £24–6.
Pd. Mrs. Vobe in full £135–6.
Gave in charity £3.
Sent Cowles for bluewings & Sorees57 £11–9–6.
Gave in charity 18/.
6. Pd. Martin houshold expences £8–15.
Advanced do. for do. 5/.
7. Gave in charity 48/.
8. Pd. Martin for houshold expences £5–8.
Advanced do. for do. £5–7.
9. Gave Mrs. Jefferson for houshold expences £11–2.
Oct. 10. Pd. postage 4/.
11. Pd. houshold expences £24–18.
Pd. for Sorees 18/.
12. Pd. houshold expences £4–4.
14. Pd. houshold expences £5–5–6.
15. Pd. houshold expences £7–4.
Mrs. Jefferson to buy sundries £8–8.
Pd. Mrs. Hallam entrance for Patsy58 £24.
Repd. Colo. Thos. M. Randolph warehouse expences of 2 hhds. tobo. £6–16.
Sent Thos. Cowles for birds £3–3.
Sent do. in advance for do. £2–17.
16. Mrs. Jefferson £19–10.
Pd. houshold expences 6/.
Pd. do. £27.
Lent Thompson the gardener £150.
Pd. Wily59 houshold expences £23–14.
18. Pd. for 4. bottles of oil £24.
19. Pd. Mrs. Lefont in full £33–18.
Pd. Wily houshold expences £26–5.
20. Pd. houshold expences £5–8.
21. Pd. do. £7–4.
Pd. James Wray60 repairs of palace £21–18.
Pd. Wily houshold expences £30.
23. Pd. Mr. Skipwith £510.
Pd. houshold expences £9–16.
24. Pd. Hanah Roberts fish & oysters to this day £14–3.
26. Recd. from Treasurer 2 months salary £750.
Pd. Dubois £18.
27. Pd. houshold expences £9.
Pd. Wily houshold expences £36–9.
Oct. 28. Sent Cowles for Sorees £5–3–6.
Still owe him 1/6.
Pd. Martin houshold expences £7–18.
30. Pd. taxes in Wmsbgh. £29–15.
Pd. subscription for Pelham till Dec. 31. £6.
Pd. for raising a souldier £9–12.
Pd. houshold expences £117–14.
Nov. 2. Gave in charity 42/.
3. Gave T. Shackleford to pay for a bell £4–10.
Pd. houshold expences £8–8.
Gave Mrs. Jefferson for sundries £9–18.
Pd. Wily houshold expences £9–3.
4. Pd. houshold expences £12–12.
8. Pd. do. £6.
Gave Mrs. Jefferson £15.
Repd. W. Fleming one year’s papers from Dunlop which begun in July last £15.
Repd. him for books £13–6.
10. Gave Mrs. Jeff. 30/.
11. Gave in charity £3.
12. Recd. from Treasury 2 months salary £750.
Pd. Lewis Burwell’s estate 2 casks ale £99.
Pd. Rob. Sandford for 8260 ℔ fodder £297–6.
13. Pd. Wily hhd. xp. £81–6.
Pd. Green the shoemaker 1 pr. shoes, makg. &c. £10–6.
Directed Garth to repay Hierom Gaines £30 which he had put into my hands to buy salt, so say recd. of Hierom Gaines £30.
Pd. Wily hhd. expences £30–18.
20. Pd. houshold expences £10–10.
Pd. Chas. Taliaferro for 100 bush. coal £110.
Pd. houshold expences £3.
Nov. 24. Pd. Craig mending pencil 24/.
25. Pd. for medicine 6/.
26. Pd. for do. 51/.
Pd. houshold expences £4–10.
29. Pd. Wily houshold expences £45.
Dec. 2. Pd. houshold expences £6–12.
3. Do. 18/.
4. Do. £3.
7. Recd. of Treasury 1 month’s salary £375.
Pd. Wily Houshold expences £166.
Pd. Green for 1 pr. shoes, making &c. £10–6.
8. Mrs. Jefferson £70.
Pd. houshold expences £4–4.
10. Mrs. Jefferson 30/.
11. Pd. houshold expences £8–16.
18. Pd. Wily houshold expences £108–8.
Recd. of T. Garth £1513–4 which is 56/ less than he supposed.
20. Pd. Mr. Prentis for hire of gardener £27–12.
Pd. Greenhow £7–10.
Pd. Dr. Sequeyra 5. days attendance £45.
Gave Mrs. Jefferson £300.
Gave T. Randolph’s Lewis 30/.
Recd. from F. Eppes for Fludd’s admrs. £200.
21. Pd. Wily houshold expences £24.
Gave in charity 48/.
22. Pd. Rob. Wormeley Carter for Fludd’s admrs. £600. for Mr. Wayles’s estate. Note £200 of this to be charged as pd. for Mr. Skipwith.
Pd. for 2 padlocks £12.
25. Gave Christmas gifts 48/.
Dec. 27. Pd. for physic 48/.
Pd. houshold expences £12.
29. Waggon went to work at barracks.
30. Pd. Wily houshd. expences £111.
Repd. Martin expences at York £7–10.
Recd. back of Mrs. Jefferson 30/.
Pd. houshold expences 12/.
Note of the £300 given Mrs. Jefferson ante Dec. 20. £8–8 was pd. in hhd. expen[ces].
31. Pd. Wily houshold expences £28–4–6.
Pd. do. for purveying from Oct. 6. to this day @ 3. doll. pr. day £76–10.
Pd. Dr. Mcclurgh for 5. visits £125.
Gave in charity 30/.

28 Watson’s ordinary, later Boyd’s Tavern, was located on land belonging to the Lewises of Buck Island on the Three Notched Road about twelve miles east of Charlottesville (Merrill, Jefferson’s Nephews, p. 32, 417 description begins Boynton Merrill, Jr., Jefferson’s Nephews: A Frontier Tragedy, Princeton, N.J., 1976 description ends ).

29 Charles Clay had purchased Anna Scott Jefferson’s slave Eve and her children for £125–6–3, paying a total of £1,609–7 in depreciated currency (Fee Book: A. S. Jefferson account description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Fee Book,” 1767-1774, containing entries pertaining to his law practice. Indexed. Miscellaneous accounts, 1764-1794. 187 bound quarto leaves. CSmH description ends ).

30 Landy Lindsay kept an ordinary, formerly Lyle’s, in Fluvanna County about four miles east of present Palmyra (Fluvanna County Minute Book, 1777-1782, p. 37, Fluvanna County Courthouse, Palmyra, Va.; TJ MS Map description begins Thomas Jefferson sketch map of roads between Shadwell and Richmond, including taverns, residences, mileages, c. 1760-1784. ViU description ends ).

31 William Mills Magruder kept an ordinary somewhere in Powhatan County on TJ’s route from the Skipwiths’ house in Cumberland County to Williamsburg (Powhatan County Court Order Book, 1772-1773, p. 397, Powhatan County Courthouse, Powhatan, Va.).

32TJ had come to Williamsburg to meet with George Wythe to review their work on the revision of the laws of Virginia (Papers, ii, 317 description begins Julian P. Boyd and others, eds., The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton, N.J., 1950- description ends ; Malone, Jefferson, i, 261-3 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ).

33An entertainment was held at the Raleigh Tavern on 22 Feb., George Washington’s birthday according to the Gregorian (New Style) calendar, adopted in 1752. He was born under the Julian (Old Style) calendar on 11 Feb. 1732 (Virginia Gazette [D], 26 Feb. 1779 description begins Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg, 1751-1780, and Richmond, 1780-1781). Abbreviations for publishers of the several newspapers of this name, frequently published concurrently, include: D & H (Dixon & Hunter), P & D (Purdie & Dixon), R (Rind) description ends ).

34Another Acacia farnesiana from Green Spring (Betts, Garden Book, p. 86 description begins Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book, ed. Edwin M. Betts, Philadelphia, 1944 description ends ).


36Baroness Frederika Charlotte Louise von Riedesel (1746-1808) was the wife of Friedrich Adolf von Riedesel (1738-1800), commanding general of the Brunswick troops in the German mercenary forces captured at Saratoga in 1777. More than 4,000 British and German soldiers had recently been moved to Albemarle County for internment at a spot four miles northwest of Charlottesville still called The Barracks. Officers were permitted to find quarters in the neighborhood. The Riedesels, who had arrived in mid-February, lived at Philip Mazzei’s Colle until their departure in August. They, their daughters, and members of the general’s staff met with a very friendly reception at Monticello and for a short time TJ enjoyed the society of these cultured and musical Europeans (Malone, Jefferson, i, 294-7 description begins Dumas Malone, Jefferson and His Time, Boston, 1948-1981, 6 vols. description ends ; Baroness von Riedesel and the American Revolution, ed. Marvin L. Brown, Jr. [Chapel Hill, N.C., 1965], p. 80-7). For TJ’s comments on the situation of the interned soldiers, most of whom remained in Albemarle County for two years, see TJ to Patrick Henry, 27 Mch. 1779.

37Although there were, until July 1781, various laws against refusing paper money, Gabriel Jones did not accept payment of this debt in depreciated currency, which at this time was worth one-sixteenth of its pre-war value (see MB 30 June 1779). Over twenty years later, through the partisan columns of James T. Callender, Jones accused TJ of dishonorable conduct in attempting to pay the debt in paper currency, a practice that was not only legal but common in a period when hard money was scarce. TJ’s defenders brought out a point suppressed by Jones, that TJ had asked Jones’ daughter, Margaret (Mrs. John) Harvie, to tell him that if paper money was not acceptable TJ would repay Jones in hard currency as soon as it became available. Nicholas Lewis, acting for TJ, repaid the debt in full during TJ’s residence in Europe (TJ to Jones, 29 Apr. 1779; Isaac S. Harrell, Loyalism in Virginia [Durham, N.C., 1926], p. 79, 83, 114; Fee Book: “Statement of my debts when I went to Europe” description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Fee Book,” 1767-1774, containing entries pertaining to his law practice. Indexed. Miscellaneous accounts, 1764-1794. 187 bound quarto leaves. CSmH description ends ; Nicholas Lewis account with TJ, 13 Dec. 1788, in Ledger, 1767-1770).

38The operation was probably dry cupping, in which cupping-glasses are applied to a part of the body as counterirritants. This was long the standard treatment for pulmonary complaints, especially pleurisy. Lieutenant Hayer was perhaps the surgeon of the Brunswick regiment who lived with the Riedesels at Colle (Baroness von Riedesel and the American Revolution, ed. Marvin L. Brown, Jr. [Chapel Hill, N.C., 1965], p. 84).

39According to the tax act of Jan. 1778 and a later amending act, the tax on money in hand on 1 May 1779 in excess of £5 was forty shillings per £100. The revoked continental bills issued 20 May 1777 and 11 Apr. 1778 were exempted. A further act of 1779 changed the date for determining the amount of money to be taxed to 20 July 1779. The tax on interest received on debts was two shillings per pound (Hening, Statutes, ix, 349-68, 547-52, x, 9-14 description begins William Waller Hening, The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, Richmond, 1809-1823, 13 vols. description ends ; MB 20 July 1779).

40 Miike, whose name TJ also spelled Miegge and Michie, was probably an interned Hessian soldier.

41 William Chisholm had succeeded Henry Cox as overseer at Elk Hill, where he remained until its occupation by the British troops under Cornwallis in the summer of 1781 (TJ to Nicholas Lewis, 11 July 1788).

42This payment took place at Fairfields, John Bolling’s Goochland County residence (Fee Book: Anna Scott Jefferson account description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Fee Book,” 1767-1774, containing entries pertaining to his law practice. Indexed. Miscellaneous accounts, 1764-1794. 187 bound quarto leaves. CSmH description ends ).

43This session of the assembly, which had opened officially on 3 May, transacted business from 7 May to 26 June. TJ sat until his election as governor on 1 June. It is not known when he moved into the Governor’s Palace, but he was certainly living there in the fall of 1779, when he brought his family and household servants from Monticello to Williamsburg. One of these servants, the slave Isaac, recalled that TJ was living in rooms at the College of William and Mary when they arrived (Bear, Jefferson at Monticello, p. 5 description begins Jefferson at Monticello, ed. James A. Bear, Jr., Charlottesville, Va., 1967 description ends ).

44TJ had failed in his effort to persuade Thomas Evans, factor of the British firm Farell & Jones, to accept the bonds of purchasers of his lands in payment of his share of the Wayles estate debt. He also failed in his next attempt to pay off this debt, by making two deposits into the Loan Office in accordance with the provisions of the Sequestration Act of 1777. Even before the British debt provision of this act was rendered invalid by the courts after the war, TJ relinquished any idea of liquidating the debt by these payments in paper currency and once again set about repaying his largest debt. In 1799 he was reimbursed by the Virginia treasury for the full hard currency value, plus interest, of his two paper deposits in the Loan Office (Papers, xv, 644-5 description begins Julian P. Boyd and others, eds., The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton, N.J., 1950- description ends ; TJ to William Jones, 5 Jan. 1787; MB 25 Nov. 1774, 19 Dec. 1778, 2 Feb. 1780, 29 Nov. 1799).

45This payment was for a militia uniform for RJ (Fee Book: RJ account description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Fee Book,” 1767-1774, containing entries pertaining to his law practice. Indexed. Miscellaneous accounts, 1764-1794. 187 bound quarto leaves. CSmH description ends ). William Armistead was state commissary of stores and, until June 1780, commissioner for the Continental loan office in Virginia (Papers, iii, 381-2 description begins Julian P. Boyd and others, eds., The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Princeton, N.J., 1950- description ends ).

46The revised code of laws, on which TJ, George Wythe, and Edmund Pendleton had been working for over two years, had been presented to the General Assembly on 18 June (TJ and George Wythe to Benjamin Harrison, 18 June 1779).

47See MB 1 May 1779.

48TJ’s annual salary as governor, at this time £4,500 in depreciated currency, was raised to £7,500 in Oct. 1779. In May 1780 it was changed to 60,000 pounds of tobacco and in May 1781 to £600 in hard currency (Hening, Statutes, x, 118, 219, 278-9, 432-3 description begins William Waller Hening, The Statutes at Large; Being a Collection of All the Laws of Virginia, Richmond, 1809-1823, 13 vols. description ends ).

49TJ apparently stopped for the night at Carysbrook, the house belonging to Wilson Miles Cary in eastern Fluvanna County. It was located near the confluence of Cary Creek and the Rivanna River (TJ MS Map description begins Thomas Jefferson sketch map of roads between Shadwell and Richmond, including taverns, residences, mileages, c. 1760-1784. ViU description ends ; Fairfax Harrison, The Virginia Carys [New York, 1919], p. 99).

50Many women had accompanied the Hessian troops since their departure from Europe (see Walter H. Blumenthal, Women Camp Followers of the American Revolution [Philadelphia, 1952]).

51This and the following bond are part of the purchase price of £2,836–15 for the Judith’s Creek plantation, sold by TJ to James and Dudley Gatewood in June 1778. The tract included 1,850 acres in both Bedford and Amherst counties (Fee Book: Personal estate account description begins Thomas Jefferson’s “Fee Book,” 1767-1774, containing entries pertaining to his law practice. Indexed. Miscellaneous accounts, 1764-1794. 187 bound quarto leaves. CSmH description ends ; MB 15 Apr. 1775, cash accounts).

52 Heinrich Gerlach (d. 1798) was a captain of engineers and quartermaster general of the Brunswick regiment interned at The Barracks (Memoirs, and Letters and Journals, of Major General Riedesel, trans. William L. Stone [Albany, 1868], ii, 213, 265).

53Lieutenant Friedrich Christian Cleve (d. 1826) was General Riedesel’s adjutant (Memoirs of Riedesel, ii, 84, 203, 265).

54 Duncan Rose, Petersburg merchant, was one of three members of the newly established Board of Trade (JHD, May 1779, p. 55 description begins Journal of the House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond, 1827-1828. Cited by session. description ends ).

55 Mary Cooke was a milliner in Williamsburg and after 1783 in Richmond.

56 Michael McCarty was the sexton at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg.

57Blue-winged teals (Querquedula discors) and sora rails (Porzana caroliniana).

58Seven-year-old Martha Jefferson was attending Sarah Hallam’s dancing school (see MB 15 Jan. 1780).

59 Alexander Wylie, a barber associated with George Lafong, was TJ’s purveyor in Williamsburg and Richmond from 6 Oct. until the end of TJ’s service as governor. Wylie had charge of the removal of the official records to Richmond when it became the state capital in the spring of 1780 (MB 31 Dec. 1779; Official Letters of the Governors of the State of Virginia, ed. H. R. McIlwaine [Richmond, 1928], ii, 123).

60Perhaps this was James Wray, Jr., who had been associated with the merchant James Cocke.

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