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Notes on Spanish Expenditures for Louisiana, 8 November 1803

Notes on Spanish Expenditures for Louisiana

[on or after 8 Nov. 1803]

 Executive 8996.
 Judiciary. 3600.
 Revenue officers 16,600.
 Custom house 10,430.
 navigation 9,600 
 hospitals 30,546 
 Posts 9,810 
 miscellaneous 9,234 
 Clergy 11,484 
 Education   2,350
Civil list 112,6001
Army 372,988.
Indians 61,814.
Presidarios 25,000.
Gallies 100,000 
Mobile 13,917 
Pensacola  57854

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 137:23682); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated, but see below.

TJ probably made these notes from data on louisiana from Daniel Clark. One of TJ’s queries asked about expenses of maintaining the province. With his response to that question, Clark included statements, now unlocated, of expenses of the colony in 1785 (totaling 537,869 Spanish dollars); of offices and categories of expenditures created since that time; of receipts and cash outlays in 1802; and of additional sums paid in certificates. TJ may have compiled the list printed above from those statements. For his reply to that query, William C. C. Claiborne lacked the detailed information available to Clark, but gave a total close to the one above—approximately 700,000 Spanish dollars for annual civil and military expenses of Louisiana (Terr. Papers description begins Clarence E. Carter and John Porter Bloom, eds., The Territorial Papers of the United States, Washington, D.C., 1934-75, 28 vols. description ends , 9:28, 42-3; Queries on Louisiana, 9 July; Claiborne to TJ, 24 Aug.).

1The sum is actually $112,650.

2That is, 744,223, with the corrected total above (see note 1).

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