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Report from George Blagden, 27 September 1803

Report from George Blagden

The mode stone cutters practice for the valuation of columns, in stone similar to that got at Aquia.

1st. The stone in a quarried state per foot cube

Add workmanship $
Base if the Attic 1/40 per foot superficial
 if tuscan 1/   do
Capital 1/40  do

Shaft suppose in three pieces, first block including cincture and third the astragal at $/50 per foot Super

For the circumferance of bare girt the upper toras and capital the upper part of Ovolo.

Girt the shaft at bottom and that multiplied into the height including cincture and astragal.

The above prices is for a column of two feet diameter, setting will be an extra expence.

Geo Blagden

MS (DLC); in Blagden’s hand, with calculations added by TJ in pencil in the margin, partially obscured by tape, for a total of $101.80; endorsed by TJ: “Prices. Stone cutting of columns.”

On 9 July, Blagden sent John Lenthall an estimate for the cost of a Corinthian column for the Capitol (RC in DLC; endorsed by TJ: “Capitol. Blagden’s cost of a column. 736.62

the Middle block of the Capitol is 100 f.
each recess 30. f. the two 60
each wing 90. f. the two 180
340 ”).

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