Thomas Jefferson Papers

I. Draft Notes on Eaton’s Accounts, 2 July 1803

I. Draft Notes on Eaton’s Accounts

[2 July 1803]

Notes additional to those of the Secy. of state

2d. head.

<382.52 totally inadmissible>

51.28. we should determine whether we will keep the house in repair, alter it from time to time to the taste of the tenant. to this there is no end. we had better let the landlord keep in repair at a higher rent, & reject all occcasional alterations.
10. give credit for the horse, or reject the countervail

  3.60. 6.50 1.56 .86 3.43 these are ordinary expences

10.92 4.12 19.89 7.93 60.681 repairs. alterations 14.57

114.57 expence for horses. 34.42 25.72

4th. head. all the articles should be explained. I do not see a single one which should be allowed primâ facie. charity is the duty of individuals & should come out of their own pocket. states allow no distributions of charity but by the act of their legislature because of the abuses it would lead to. our ministers2 abroad are allowed no such charge.
7th. head. the articles of furniture shd. be disallowed, not accounted for. they furnish their own houses, & sell their furniture as they can.
8th. head. full explanations of every article, & affidavit
9th. head. is it possible the Bey should take duties on things imported for himself?
11th. who is Doctr. Shaw?

MS (DLC: 133:22935); undated; entirely in TJ’s hand, including endorsement: “Departmt. State. Eaton’s accts. July 2.”

all the articles should be explained: Madison, to Harrison on 1 July, had indicated that everything under the fourth heading was “inadmissible” (Madison, Papers description begins William T. Hutchinson, Robert A. Rutland, J. C. A. Stagg, and others, eds., The Papers of James Madison, Chicago and Charlottesville, 1962- , 35 vols., Sec. of State Ser., 1986- , 9 vols., Pres. Ser., 1984- , 7 vols., Ret. Ser., 2009- , 2 vols. description ends , Sec. of State Ser., 5:131).

disallowed, not accounted for: furniture charged under the seventh heading “must be accounted for,” Madison had informed Harrison (same).

In 1799, Eaton paid John shaw as vice consul and to carry dispatches to the United States. Shaw had gone to the Mediterranean as surgeon of a U.S. naval vessel (Charles Prentiss, ed., The Life of the Late Gen. William Eaton [Brookfield, Mass., 1813], 117–19; NDBW description begins Dudley W. Knox, ed., Naval Documents Related to the United States Wars with the Barbary Powers, Washington, D.C., 1939–44, 6 vols. and Register of Officer Personnel and Ships’ Data, 1801–1807, Washington, D.C., 1945 description ends , 1:284, 369; Louis B. Wright and Julia H. Macleod, The First Americans in North Africa: William Eaton’s Struggle for a Vigorous Policy against the Barbary Pirates, 1799–1805 [Princeton, 1945], 58).

1TJ here canceled “ordinary expences.”

2MS: “minister.”

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