Thomas Jefferson Papers

Report from John Lenthall, 11 June 1803

Report from John Lenthall

Rough Stone and Brick work done to the

South Wing of the Capitol from 28th May to 11th June 1803

 – West front –

The Voids of 5 Reversed arches filled up, the Cellar window stools set & the Cellar windows taken up to level of the Arches which amt. to about 1000 Cubic feet

Bricks laid in the Reversed Arches about 9160
do in the Internal Arches   4728

 — South front —

Voids of 5 Arches taken up from the Cellar Window stools to the level of the arches, excluding the extra labor of the Quoins and fluing Jambs of Cellar Windows—377

Bricks laid in 5 Internal Arches 4,572

 — East front —

The Walls taken up to the level of the Arches. The Beds of the Arches prepared to receive the Bricks, and the Voids filled up to the tops of the Cellar Window stools, Window stools set &c, Amot. about 4467 feet

Bricks laid in Reversed Arches 11,964
do in the Internal Arches, about ⅔ }
 of which only is done—say    3100
Stone 5844 Cubic feet or
Bricks laid about 33,000 236 Perches
for B H Latrobe

Jno Lenthall

MS (DLC); in Lenthall’s hand and signed by him; endorsed by TJ: “Capitol June 11. 1803.”

quoins are the external angles of walls, more commonly referred to as cornerstones. A quoin might also refer to the stones or bricks that form the angle (OED description begins J. A. Simpson and E. S. C. Weiner, eds., The Oxford English Dictionary, Oxford, 1989, 20 vols. description ends ).

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