Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum to James Madison, 1 March 1803

Memorandum to James Madison

Commissions to be issued to the following persons under the bankrupt law.
John Mussey at Portland vice Joseph Boyd who has not qualified (to be so expressed)
Simeon Thomas at New London for Connecticut
Charles Ludlow at New York for New York.
John Stephen at Baltimore for Maryland.
Cowles Meade, Robert Walker & George Watkins at Augusta } for Georgia
Thomas Collier at Louisville

Th: Jefferson
Mar. 1. 1803.

MS (ViU); entirely in TJ’s hand; check marks later added by each name; addressed: “The Secretary of State.” Not recorded in SJL.

On 18 Feb., Salmon Chase wrote the secretary of state from portland, noting that the resignation of Joseph McLellan and the absence of joseph boyd meant that only he and William Widgery remained as commissioners to take care of the bankruptcy cases. He feared that a great inconvenience would arise if either became indisposed. Chase recommended Isaac Ilsley, noting his appointment would be “very acceptable” to the friends of the administration and to the present commissioners (RC in DNA: RG 59, LAR; endorsed by TJ: “Chase Salmon to Mr. Madison. Illsley to be Commr. bkrptcy Portland”).

Jacob DeWitt, finding it “inconvenient to attend to the duties of Commissioner of Bankruptcy,” wrote Madison from Norwich, connecticut, on 8 Feb., to submit his resignation. He would finish the cases appointed to him (RC in DNA: RG 59, LAR; endorsed by TJ: “DeWitt Jacob to mr Madison declines Commn. bkrptcy Simeon Thomas put in his place”). On a separate sheet of paper, TJ wrote: “Jacob Dewitt of Norwich Commr. bkrptcy will resign <Ebenezer> Simeon Thomas to be appd in his place” (MS in DNA: RG 59, MCL; entirely in TJ’s hand).

john stephen was appointed in place of Henry Payson (Vol. 37:709).

Commissions for all designated above were dated 1 Mch. 1803 (list of commissions in Lb in DNA: RG 59, MPTPC).

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