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List of Groceries Wanted from Marseilles

Enclosure: List of Groceries Wanted from Marseilles


50. ℔ de Maccaroni.
50. ℔ de meme composition de differentes façons pour les potages.
6. paniers d’huile de la meilleure qualité.
8. caisses d’olives.
4. idem de capres fines.
2. idem d’Anchois.
20. ℔ de thon mariné.
8. douzaines de petites boetes historiés1 de 6. ou 7. fruits.
3. caisses de pruneaux.
3. idem de belles figues.
1. idem de dattes.
30. ℔ d’amandes douces, sans coquilles.
25. ℔ idem   avec leurs coquilles.
10. ℔ d’amandes amers.
6. caisses de fruits assortis à l’eau de vie.
26. ℔ de queües d’artichaux secs.
4. ℔ de truffes du Perigord.

Editors’ Translation

50 pounds of macaroni.
50 pounds of the same composition, in different shapes for soups.
6 panniers of oil of the best quality.
8 cases of olives.
4 cases of fine capers.
2 cases of anchovies.
20 pounds of pickled tuna.
8 dozen small decorated cans of preserves of 6 or 7 fruits.
3 cases of prunes.
3 cases of fine figs.
1 case of dates.
30 pounds of sweet almonds, shelled.
25 pounds of the same, unshelled.
10 pounds of bitter almonds.
6 cases of assorted fruits in brandy.
26 pounds of dried artichokes on their stalks.
4 pounds of Périgord truffles.

MS (Archives municipales, Marseilles, France); entirely in TJ’s hand; with notations by Cathalan, not printed above, recording quantities of items from the list shipped on 9 May, 27 Dec. 1803, and 21 Apr. 1804 (see also Cathalan to TJ, 31 May 1803, 25 Apr. 1804); Cathalan added an unspecified quantity of “Pistaches” (pistachio nuts) at foot of list. PrC (MHi); endorsed by TJ in ink on verso. MS (MHi); undated; in Étienne Lemaire’s hand, in French; at head of text: “Etat des provisions a fair venir de Marseille”; at foot of text, Lemaire’s estimate of total expenditure to be about 86.2.3 livres; with one interlineation in TJ’s hand (see note 1) and with list of wines in TJ’s hand at foot of text (see the next document); endorsed by TJ: “LeMaire. groceries from Marseilles.”

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