Thomas Jefferson Papers

I: Candidates for Bankruptcy Commissioners, 31 May 1802

Candidates for Bankruptcy Commissioners

For Commissioners of Bankruptcy in the City of New York

Mercantile Characters

John Broome—Candidate for member of Congress—former President of the Chamber of Commerce—a very respectable man—

William Edgar—a man of large property & fair character—late a member of our State Convention

Solomon Townsend—a man of property—an invariable republican and old Citizen

Law Characters

Jonathan Persee Junior—A young man of considerable promise—His appointment will give great satisfaction to all the republican bar—he ought by no means to be over-looked.

Daniel D. Tompkins—Also—a member of our State Legislature.

Nathan Sanford—Also reputable in talents—

Characters who ought not to be appointed on account of their holding lucrative offices in the State

James Fairlie, Wm. Cutting.

On account of their being incurable Members of the little faction

Thomas Smith, Timothy Greene, William P. Van Ness, Joseph Brown.

MS (DNA: RG 59, LAR, 2:0300); undated; entirely in Clinton’s hand.

TJ entered Clinton’s six recommendations on his list of candidates for bankruptcy commissioners (see Appendix II, List 1). All except SOLOMON TOWNSEND received commissions for the District of New York dated 10 June 1802 (list of commissions in Lb in DNA: RG 59, MPTPC). For the application of THOMAS SMITH and a recommendation sent by Congressman Lucas C. Elmendorf to Gallatin on his behalf, see Kline, Burr description begins Mary-Jo Kline, ed., Political Correspondence and Public Papers of Aaron Burr, Princeton, 1983, 2 vols. description ends , 2:711–12.

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