Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Albert Gallatin, 24 April 1802

From Albert Gallatin

April 24th 1802

Dear Sir

I am prevented from going to day to the office, & beg leave to refer you to the office of the Secretary of State for a precise description of the office of surveyor. & indeed of the several others1—I think it to be “Surveyor of the port of  in the district of  (State).” My only doubt is whether the words “in the district of ” be necessary.

There are to my knowledge but three vacancies connected with the
Treasury Department vizt

William Nichols Naval officer of the “port”2 of New-port
Thomas Worthington Supervisor of the “North West” district
Benjamin Cheney Surveyor of the port of Beaufort in the district of New Bern North Carolina

The recommendations of Cheney are enclosed. It is necessary to appoint before the recess.

It is also proposed to appoint

Robert Anderson New as Collector of the port of Louisville Kentucky vice M’Connell to be removed.

For the propriety of appointing a new collector for the port of Little Egg harbour New Jersey, the President is referred to the enclosures on that subject. Observe, however, that they are transmitted by his predecessor “Tucker” who had been removed for delinquency.

The style of the two other officers of North Carolina who have not resided is I believe,3 but it is best to obtain from Wagner the true style of each

Surveyor of the port of Winton in the district of Edenton N. Carolina

Do—of the port of Newbiggin Creek in the district of Camden N. Carolina

I believe that each of the surveyors ought also to be appointed inspector of the port. But of that also it is necessary to enquire. I beg your pardon for giving you a trouble of enquiry which I should have taken; but it is only in the office of State that records are kept of the commission & style;

Mr Stone has this moment called on me to let me know that Moody or Moony the surveyor of Winton has returned; & that it is both his & Mr Johnson’s wish that he may be continued. Mr Johnson was the person who had recommended his removal.

Respectfully Your obedt. Servt.

Albert Gallatin

David Duncan collector of Michillimakinack ought to have the commission of inspector, if he has not received it. Has a successor to White surveyor of New Brunswick New Jersey been appointed?

RC (DLC); endorsed by TJ as received from the Treasury Department on 24 Apr. and “Nominations” and so recorded in SJL. Enclosures: (1) Certificate signed by James White, dated Tuckerton, New Jersey, 17 Oct. 1801, stating that William Watson, collector at Little Egg Harbor who lived 50 miles away in Burlington, was frequently absent from his post, making it impossible for Richard Willets to obtain papers for the sloop Sally on 26 Apr., after waiting an entire day; and certifying that Watson “is now absent and has been these ten days to endeavour to set aside our republican votes and there is no Deputy left to do the business of the office” (MS in DNA: RG 59, LAR). (2) Statement by William Rose, taken under oath before Ebenezer Tucker, one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas and for the county of Burlington, 29 Nov. 1801, declaring that Rose began serving on the revenue boat Paterson at Little Egg Harbor on 2 Oct. 1800, under the direction of William Watson, at the wage of $20 per month, but he resigned after six months of service, having received only $50 in pay (MS in same; in Tucker’s hand, signed by Rose). (3) Certificate by Ebenezer Tucker, 1 Dec. 1801, stating that on 22 Aug. 1801 he observed the revenue boat Paterson cruising without a full crew and upon inquiry found that Collector Watson had assigned Thomas Wardle, one of the crew, to aid him with personal business (MS in same; in Tucker’s hand and signed by him). For other enclosures, see below.

See TJ to the Senate, 27 Apr., for the PRECISE DESCRIPTION OF THE OFFICE.

WILLIAM NICHOLS: that is, Walter Nichols, elected as a representative from Newport to the Rhode Island General Assembly for the first time in April 1801. He served as naval officer at Newport until his death in 1823 (Newport Mercury, 21 Apr. 1801; 4 Jan. 1823). For recommendations of BENJAMIN CHENEY, see Memorandum from Albert Gallatin, with Jefferson’s Reply, printed at 5 Mch.

ROBERT ANDERSON NEW did not replace James McConnell, who was characterized by TJ as a “delinquent,” until October 1802 (Vol. 33:673). See Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, Republican Citizens to TJ, 1 Oct. 1801, for a memorial seeking a NEW COLLECTOR at that port.

TWO OTHER OFFICERS OF NORTH CAROLINA: Laurence Mooney and Frederick B. Sawyer (Memorandum from Albert Gallatin, [before 24 Apr. 1802]).

For the appointment of DAVID DUNCAN as collector, see Vol. 34:572–3. SUCCESSOR TO WHITE: in March, TJ nominated Andrew Lyle to succeed Anthony W. White (TJ to the Senate, 10 Mch. 1802).

1Preceding five words and ampersand interlined.

2Gallatin wrote “district” directly above this word. Neither “port” nor “district” was used when TJ submitted the nomination to the Senate (see TJ to the Senate, 27 Apr.).

3Gallatin here interlined the remainder of the passage through “style of each.”

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