Thomas Jefferson Papers

Statement of Account from Thomas Claxton, 6 October 1801

Statement of Account from
Thomas Claxton

Oct. 6th 1801

Statement of Cash, drawn for the purpose of
furnishing the Presidents House—

By Gen Lee, as reported by the Treasury, to compensate
him for the portrait of Gen. Washington,
By Thos. Claxton,
Aug. 27, 1800 4500  
Nov. 9 1459.38
May 19, 1801 3500  
July 2 1500  
Oct. 6 called for, to settle every
demand, excepting for grates
}  1755.55
The Balance of the 15,000 dollars is 1485. 7
This balance is increased by discounts &c 15.76
To this sum is added the proceeds of
the Sale of Carriages, horses &c.
} about 1600.  
The balance, of an appropriation made
in 1797, and deposited in the treasury
by Mr Adams
} 1102.  
Total not expended, and in the Treasury 4402.83

MS (MHi); entirely in Claxton’s hand; endorsed by TJ.

For an earlier account submitted by Claxton for furnishing the President’s House, see Vol. 33:153n.

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