Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on the District of Columbia Commissioners’ Accounts, [after 3 October 1801]

Notes on the District of Columbia
Commissioners’ Accounts

[after 3 Oct. 1801]

Elliptical room 2276.
Pr’s house 1686
Board 1700
September labour 1300
Interest paid 1500
whole funds 6255.94
present deficiency 2206.062
debts due to the Commissioners 130,000
due on Morris & Nicholson’s lots 1000.  80,000
3000. f. front of water property @ 10. D.  30,000
4600. lots of 5265. sq. f. each 460,000
no lot ever sold for less than 105. D
due from them
debts guaranteed 300,000
unguaranteed  50,000
price of site   6247.18
paid   4000  

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, District of Columbia Miscellany); undated, but see below; entirely in TJ’s hand.

TJ probably composed these notes sometime after his receipt of the District of Columbia Commissioners’ Estimate of Debts dated 2 Oct. enclosed in their letter to him of 3 Oct. Several of the words and figures, from “Elliptical room” to “whole funds,” correspond to the information given in the 2 Oct. statement. See also the memorial from the commissioners to TJ of 4 Dec.

1After TJ totaled the first four items above, making $6,962, he added the line for “Interest paid” of $1,500, overwriting the original total of $6,962, and provided the new total of $8,462.

2TJ first wrote “706.06” before he revised the total above to include the $1,500 for “Interest paid.” He then recalculated the “present deficiency” and altered the figure to $2,206.06.

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