Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: District of Columbia Commissioners’ Estimate of Debts, 2 October 1801

District of Columbia Commissioners’
Estimate of Debts

Commissioners Office, Washington 2d October 1801

Estimate of Debts due, and becoming due from the Commissioners prior to the 1t January 1802—

Eliptical room at the Capitol, due on Contract $1626.00
additional work  650.00 2276.00
Presidents house, Carpenters work 600.00
Painters work 350.00
Ornament work, whole cost $1796.67. balc. due 386.21
Fence, Ice house &c.  350.00 1686.21
Roads—roll Labourers for September 1,300.00
October 1500.00
November 1500.00
plank, iron work &c.  100.00 4,400.00
Salaries of the Commissioners, their Clerks, Surveyor and the Superintendent of the public buildings
Balance due 1t. October 1,700.00
Ditto—becoming due 31 Decem 1801  2770.50 4470.50
Interest on Debt to State of Maryland,
on $200,000 from 1 January 1801 to 1. Octo. 1801 9000.00
on $50,000 from 1 April 1801 to Ditto 1500.00
on $200,000 from 1 Octo. to 1 Jany 1802 3000.00
on $50,000 for  Ditto  750.00 14250.00
Patrick Whelan awarded to him on acct of digging
Canal from Tiber to James’s creek,
exclusive of Costs of a suit
Covered way from north wing of the Capitol to the $27,761.01
Eliptical room & other Contingencies during the year 1801 of which no Estimate is made

Funds, exclusive of what may be raised by the sale of Lots on 8th. December next, advertised this day, and payments wch may be previously made on those Lots, and on Lots which may be sold at private sale viz
Cash in hand $975.24
Ditto, promised to be paid by Mr. Stoddert in
the months of October & November 1801
Ditto—becoming due from Michael Nourse  280.70
Deficiency exclusive of Contingencies Ds. 21,505.07

Thomas Munroe Clk Coms.

Tr (DLC); in Munroe’s hand.

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