Thomas Jefferson Papers

List of Fields Leased to John H. Craven, [ca. 22 August 1800]

List of Fields Leased to John H. Craven

[ca. 22 Aug. 1800]

The 5. fields leased to Mr. Craven

No. 1. the River field.  33⅔ } to be cleared 1800–1
Indian field.  52⅔
to be cleared adjact.  13⅔
No. 2. Morgan’s fields.  35½ } to be cleared 1801–2
to be cleared adjact.  64½
No. 3. Outfield  40 } to be cleared 1802–3
the Tuft  17⅔
Highfield  40
adjact to be cleared   2¼
No. 4. Franklin’s field  45 } to be cleared 1803–4
Poggio  32
to be cleared adjact  23
No. 5. Long field  40
Park  40
Slatefield  40
The order in which they are to be tended.
1806 1807 1808 1809
1801. 1802 1803 1804 1805.
No. 1. Indian. corn wheat clover peas
2. Milton peas wheat corn wheat clover
3. Tufton clover peas wheat corn wheat
4. Poggio wheat clover peas wheat corn
5. Meadow corn wheat clover peas wheat

MS (MHi); entirely in TJ’s hand, with the crop rotation plan perhaps added at a later sitting, and the years “1806” through “1809” interlined at a later date; undated, but see preceding document.

Tufton and Monticello were on the same side of the Rivanna River and had adjoining fields. In his surveys TJ identified river field and the three fields included in No. 5 as part of Monticello, and the others with Tufton, although TJ evidently had a highfield at both Monticello and Tufton and sometimes used various names for the same field (Betts, Farm Book description begins Edwin M. Betts, ed., Thomas Jefferson’s Farm Book, Princeton, 1953 description ends , 336, and illustrations of TJ’s surveys immediately following that page). TJ explained the crop rotation in his indenture with John H. Craven for the lease of fields and slaves at Tufton and Monticello, 23 Sep. 1800.

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