Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: Memorandum on Exports of North Carolina, 2 February 1798


Memorandum on Exports of North Carolina

Some Accot of the Exports of No: Carolina.

Tar Pitch Turpentine annually @ 120,000 Brls.
Tobacco 10,000 Hhds
{ Indian Corn 20 @ 50,000 [Brls?]
Peas 5,000 Bushels
Herring  3 & 4,000 Brls

  These 3 last articles are chiefly for the west India market.

 Pipe & Hhd Staves in great plenty and of the best kind that are produced in America

 Boards & lumber of all sorts; fit for the West India market; for building

 Ware Houses &c to any Amot: that can be in demand also

 Shingles—Cypress & Juniper 18 Inches @ 3 feet.

 Indigo & Rice—from Wilmington.

 Wheat—a considerable Quantity is annually exported—also Bees Wax

 Pork—a great Quantity—the cheapest in America—

MS (CSmH); entirely in Williamson’s hand.

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