Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on a Conversation with Tench Coxe, [27 December 1797]

Notes on a Conversation with Tench Coxe

[27 Dec. 1797]

27.    Tenche Coxe tells me that a little before Hamilton went out of office, or just as he was going out, taking with him his last conversation, and among other things, on the subject of their differences, ‘for my part, says he, I avow myself a Monarchist; I have no objection to a trial being made of this thing of a republic, but’ &c.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 102: 17524); entirely in TJ’s hand; written on same sheet as Notes on Comments by John Adams and Robert Goodloe Harper, 26 Dec. 1797, and an incomplete entry, with date missing, beginning “[…] the following fact[:] When the British treaty was on the carpet, and it’s fate […],” with up to one-half page missing, and with Notes on the Formation of the Federal Government, 5 Jan. 1798, on verso; closing quotation mark supplied.

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