Thomas Jefferson Papers

Note on Spanish Expenditures, 13 October 1797

Note on Spanish Expenditures

Oct. 13. 97. Littlepage, who has been on one or two missions from Poland to Spain told that when Gardoqui returned from America, he settled with his court an account of secret service money of 600,000. Dollars. Ex relatione Colo. Monroe.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 102: 17495); in TJ’s hand, on a fragment from which the remainder of the page, bearing a continuation of the text, has been clipped and is now missing. MS (same, 102: 17461); in TJ’s hand, written between Notes on Alexander Hamilton, 24 Aug. [1797], and Notes on Conversations with John Adams and George Washington, [after 13 Oct. 1797]; consists of a note reading in its entirety, with TJ’s opening bracket and a supplied closing bracket: “Oct. 13. Littlepage, who has been on one or two missions &c. [here insert from another paper].”

Ex relatione: “from the report of.”

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