Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum to Richard Harrison, [ca. 20 March 1796]

Memorandum to Richard Harrison

Monticello Mar. […] [ca. 20 Mch. 1796]

Th: Jefferson having discovered that in his notes of Mar. 8. 96 he had copied the draught of Sep. 1. 89. in the date of Oct. 21. instead of the proper draught which was of 2800.f Bo. [and had] […] and from thence had carried the same error into the […] of the statement of accounts dated Mar. 17. begs the favor of Mr. Harrison to make the following corrections for him.

Notes of Mar. 8. 96. Strike the pen through the words which are here dashed out, and interline those here interlined, as follows.

pa. 4. line 2d. from bottom. ‘<2687—10.>2800ƒ— Bo. for the express purpose of covering the draught of 2613livre tournois—2 <which I had already made> and the monies I <either> had recieved,1 <or knew I must still call for> from Begouen. <I conjectured they would amount to 6000.livre tournois> and as Mr. Grand had just before taken a bill of <2687ƒ—10> 4031ƒ—8 Bo. as equivalent to <6000.livre tournois>9000.livre tournois cash, I, <sent him a second draught of exactly the same amount in florins and> at the same rate of exchange credited the US. <6000livre tournois> 6250livre tournois—18 as will be seen in my account under the date of Oct. 21 1789. but I do not find that Mr. Grand has credited this <2d.> sum of <2687—10>2800ƒ— either in my private account or in the public one, and judge from present appearances that it has been omitted. The US. being credited for it in my account are no further concerned in the article; but it remains to be settled between Mr. Grand and myself, and a balance results from it in my favor of <375—10>626livre tournois—8.

Grand’s accounts stated and signed by me Mar. 17 1796. page. 4.
instead of the Balance of 116livre tournois—4 say 367livre tournois—2 in the 1st. column.
instead of 2687ƒ—10 in the 2d. column say 2800ƒ.
instead of the amount 6000.livre tournois in both columns, say 6250livre tournois—18.

PrC (DLC: TJ Papers, 100: 17106); date assigned on the basis of TJ to Monroe, 21 Mch. 1796; faded; includes a passage from TJ’s Statement on Accounts as Minister Plenipotentiary in France, 8 Mch. 1796, copied line for line from the PrC of that document with intended alterations marked as explained herein by TJ; with other emendations and one marginal note (see note 1 below); endorsed by TJ in ink on verso: “Harrison R.” Dft (same, 99: 17067); undated and incomplete; written entirely in TJ’s hand on two sides of a parallelogramshaped slip; consists only of corrections to the statement of 8 Mch. 1796, with vertical marks to show locations of line breaks in that document.

Grand’s accounts stated and signed by me: Enclosure No. 3 listed at TJ to Harrison, 17 Mch. 1796 (see also Enclosure No. 3 listed at TJ to Gautier of the same date).

1TJ wrote in the margin next to this word: “page 5.”

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