Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Letters from François D’Ivernois, [19–23 February 1795]

Notes on Letters from François D’Ivernois

[19–23 Feb. 1795]

  • D’Ivernois.
  • No. 7. Nov. 11. 94.
    • 100. actions of £1000.
      • divided among 100. families
      • Pictet
      • his brother
      • Prevost
      • De Saussure
      • his son.
    • add Botany. and Natl. history in the Vegetable department
      • Chemistry practical, mineralogy and metallurgy.
      • Civil Architecture
      • Hydrography and Pilotage.
  • No. 1. pa. 3.26. professors in Coll. Geneva having public salaries.
    • Mouchon. Presidt. appointed by Encyclopedists to make Analytical table that work
    • Senebier. libraria. commentaries on Spalanzani.
      • works in Nat. Phil. and Meteorology.
      • translator of the Greek tragedians
    • Pictet. Natl. philos.
    • Prevost.
    • (a) Bertrand &c.
    • requires annual revenue of 15,000 D.
      • this is not only for the professors of the university
      • but for masters of a preparatory college for the studies of the University
        • and of another, of common education, gratuitous.
    • (a) Bertrand } mathematics, inferior to none but La Grange.
    • instead of the revenue, he proposes
      • that lands shall be appropriated = the capital represented by 15,000.D.
      • Genevans agricoles will buy the lands and deposit the money.
      • the University to be in the center of the lands.
      • he is preparing to obtain actionnaires for 100,000.£. sterl. = 450,000 D.
      • of which 300,000.D. to be paid for the lands.
        • 150,000. to be reserved by the actionnaires pour defrichemens &c.
    • the professorships, at Geneva, of Astronomy, medicine, anatomy, chemistry, botany, history, law of nations &c. were not salaried by public

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 98: 16725); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated.

TJ undoubtedly prepared these notes on François D’Ivernois’s letters to him of 5 Sep. and 11 Nov. 1794, the latter of which he received on 19 Feb. 1795, in preparation for his letter to George Washington of 23 Feb. 1795.

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