Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum from Robert Bailey, [January 1795]

Memorandum from Robert Bailey

[January 1795]

Seeds Saved 1794

  Early Dwarf Reid. Speckled Snap Onions
  Early Charlton Golden Dwarf—   Strawsburgh
  Hotspur   Sugar Bean   white Spanish
  Marrow fat Cabbage   corn Sallad
  Pearl-eyed   Scotsch Cabbage French Sorrel
  Black eyed   York Cabbage Hanover Turnip
  white eyed   Colworts Leaf Lettice
  Small Green   Salsify Green Do.
  Black Indian English Cress Garlick
Beans —Do. Turnip Palm of christie
  B. Windsor Carrot Pumpcons, kinds
  Ey. Sesbon Parsnip Early cucumber
  white Carolinia Green Rape watter mellon
  white Snap Spinage musk Do.
  Ground Snap whit mustard
  Blue Speckled Snap

[on verso:]


½ oz Coly flower

½ oz Green Brocli

½ oz white Ditto

✓ 1 oz1 Solid cellery

<½ oz Currold Indive>

2 Broad leaved Do. endive2

1 ℔ English Scarlet Radis

<4 oz Turnip Radish>

¼ peck of more, Broad windsor Beans

MS (MHi); written on a small sheet in Bailey’s hand; with two lines deleted and emendations in a darker ink, possibly by TJ; undated; endorsed by TJ: “Garden seeds. Bailey’s note. Jan. 95.”

Robert Bailey (d. 1804), described by TJ in 1803 as “an old Scotch gardener of the neighborhood,” lived at Monticello as TJ’s gardener from February 1794 until around the end of 1796. He subsequently became a gardener and nurseryman in Washington, D.C., where TJ used his services several times during his presidency (MB description begins James A. Bear, Jr., and Lucia C. Stanton, eds., Jefferson’s Memorandum Books: Accounts, with Legal Records and Miscellany, 1767–1826, Princeton, 1997, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, Second Series description ends , 11 Feb. 1794, and note, 26 Dec. 1796; TJ to Madame de Tessé, 30 Jan. 1803; Betts, Garden Book description begins Edwin M. Betts, ed., Thomas Jefferson’s Garden Book, 1766–1824, Philadelphia, 1944 description ends , 279, 280, 287, 297).

1Check mark inserted; digit written over partially erased “½.”

2Word inserted; digit in this line inserted in place of “½ oz.”

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