Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Resolutions of Congress, [after 4 November 1783]

Notes on Resolutions of Congress

[after 4 Nov. 1783]

17[83 Jan]. 29. Chairman of Com. of whole by balot
[Feb].  5. Com. of whole to vote by states.
10. Comr. for Virga. to receive proofs instead of vouchers lost
14. Motion to postpone a proposition to take up another cannot be divided
Mar.  7. Min. 4/6 sterl. = doll. doll. = £5–5s without regard to variation of exchange
Apr. 15. Commandr. in chief to make arrangements with Brit. Commr. for receiving posts.
May. 12. Commr. in chief occupy posts when delivered, to exchange cannon and stores or transport
15. tickets for Committees prepared at seat and carried to balot box by one delegate
16. For. min. to charge for couriers and postage of letters.
26. Commr. in chief to continue remonstr. with Carleton respecting negroes

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 11: 1906); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated; torn.

TJ compiled this list of resolutions of Congress sometime after he took his seat in that body at Princeton on 4 Nov. 1783, but the reason why he did so is not known. For the resolutions, see JCC description begins Worthington C. Ford and others, eds., Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774–1789, Washington, D.C., 1904–37, 34 vols. description ends , xxiv, 98, 109, 123, 131, 176, 242–3, 338, 344, 346, 363–4.

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