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Board of Trade to Oliver Pollock, 6 November 1779

Board of Trade to Oliver Pollock

Board of Trade, 6 Nov. 1779. The governor has this day directed them to acknowledge the receipt of Pollock’s letter to his predecessor, and they are empowered to authorize him, in case the request to the governor of New Orleans for a loan fails, to draw on Penet, D’Acosta Frères for all of the money he advanced on behalf of the states, except the 2,602 pesos and 4 reales drawn by Captain James O’Hara, about which they are completely ignorant and request an explanation in his reply so that the money can be replaced if it has been properly authorized. They enclose four letters of advice of the same tenor and date to Penet, D’Acosta Frères for his assistance in drawing and will not miss any opportunity to inform them. By this conveyance the governor will send a letter to the governor of New Orleans about a loan, by which means they hope Pollock will be reimbursed more quickly and spared the need to use the credit with Penet, D’Acosta Frères.

Tr (AGI: Papeles de Cuba, legajo 2370); 2 p.; with Jacquelin Ambler and Duncan Rose as signatories and TJ as countersignatory; consists of Spanish translation by Juan Josef Duforest forming part of examination of TJ’s commission to Oliver Pollock by Spanish officials in New Orleans, 20 Apr. 1782. Enclosure: Board of Trade to Penet, D’Acosta Frères, 6 Nov. 1779 (Vol. 3: 160). Translation of letter printed in Kinnaird, Spain description begins Lawrence Kinnaird, ed., Spain in the Mississippi Valley, 1765–1794: Translations of Materials from the Spanish Archives in the Bancroft Library, American Historical Association, Annual Report, 1945, 3 vols. description ends , ii, 10.

TJ’s accompanying letter to Governor Bernardo de Gálvez is dated 8 Nov. 1779. For Pollock’s efforts to obtain compensation for the wartime debts he incurred as Virginia’s unofficial commercial agent at New Orleans during the Revolutionary War after Penet, D’Acosta Frères refused to honor the enclosed drafts, see James A. James, Oliver Pollock: The Life and Times of an Unknown Patriot (New York, 1937), 240–2, 269–70,274–6,279–80,288,301–5, 333–7, 343–4.

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