Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure II: Treasury Report on Jefferson’s Account as Secretary of State, 31 December 1793

Treasury Report on Jefferson’s Account as
Secretary of State

No. 4736

Treasury Department Auditors Office Decr. 28th. 1793

I have Examined and adjusted an Account between the United States and Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State for monies placed in his hands, by direction of the President of the United States, in pursuance of the Several Acts of Congress “providing the means of intercourse between the United States and foreign Nations” and find that he is chargeable on Said Account

To Amount of Sundry Warrants drawn in his favor for the purposes abovementioned from the 14 August 1790 to the 1st. August 1793 as per Statement herewith    Dollars  183.000.   
I also find that he is Entitled to the following credits vizt.
By David Humphreys for this Amount Advanc’d him on his Mission to Madrid as per Statement 500.   
By   for this Amount paid Gouvr. Morris in part for his Services per Do. Statement 1.000   
By John B. Cutting for this amount remitted him for which he is accountable per Do. 233.33.
By Wilhem & J. Willink & N. & J. Van Staphorst & Hubbard Agents for the Department of State at Amsterdam for this amount remitted to them as particulariz’d in the Statement 174.680    
By Nathaniel Cutting advanced him on Acct. of his Mission to Algiers per Statement 1.000    
By James Blake advanced him on Acct. of his Mission to Madrid per Statement 800.   
Leaving a ballance due from the said Thos. Jefferson Esqr. & for which he is Accountable being to the Credite of the Department of State in the Bank of the United States the Sum of 4.786.67 
Dollars  183.000.   

As will appear from the Statement & vouchers herewith transmitted for the Decision of the Comptroller of the Treasury thereon.

R. Harrison Auditor

To Oliver Wolcott Jr. Esqr

Comptr of the Treasury

Treasury Department

Comptrollers Office

Decemr 30th. 1793

To Joseph Nourse Esqr

Register of the Treasury

Admitted & Certified

Olivr Wolcott Jr. Comptr

Tr (DLC); in the hand of a Treasury Department clerk; with subjoined attestation of 30 Dec. 1793 by Register of the Treasury Joseph Nourse; on docketing slip: “(Copy) No 4736 Auditors Report on the Accot of Thos Jefferson Esqr. Secretary of State for rect. & expenditure of monies placed in his hands for the purpose of providing the Means of Intercourse between the United States & foreign Nations Decr. 30. 1793.” Tr (DNA: RG 46, Senate Records, 3d Cong., 1st sess.); with Nourse’s subjoined attestation of 30 Dec. 1793. Tr (Lb in same, TR).

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