Thomas Jefferson Papers
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Enclosure I: Statement of Jefferson’s Account as Secretary of State, 28–30 December 1793

Statement of Jefferson’s Account as Secretary of State

Thomas Jefferson Esquire Secretary of State in Account Current with The United States Cr.

Dolls. Cts Dolls. Cts.
To Treasury Warrants, for the following warrants drawn in his favour as per certificate from the Register vizt. By David Humphreys advanced him on his mission to Madrid per Rect. No. 1 dated august 10th. 1790 & for which he is to be held accountable 500
Warrant No.  780 dated decr: 21st: 1790 for 1,233.33
 605 augst. 14   500. By   for this amount paid Gouvr. Morris decr. 17th: 1790 in a bill of exchange drawn by the Treasurer of the U: States, on W. & J. Willink & Nicholas & J van Staphorst & Hubbard of amsterdam being in part for said Morris’s services as per certificate of the President of the U: States ƒ2475 equal to per Voucher No. 2 1,000
1062 may  7. 1791 13,000.
1497 jany 29: 1792 40,000
1498 do 38,766.67
2612 march 30th: 1793 39,500
3006 august  1 50,000 183,000 By John B. Cutting remitted him on account in    a bill drawn by the Treasurer on the persons above mentioned for ƒ577.10 equal to per Vo. 3 233 33
By W. & J. Willink & Nicholas & J van Staphorst & Hubbard of Amsterdam, Agents for the department of State, for the following remittances made to them in bills drawn by the Treasurer of the United States and which they credit in their accounts Vos. No. 4 vizt
 ƒ99,000 remitted march 19th. 1791 equal to 40,000
  32,175 may  2 (subject
to the orders of Humphreys & Bar-
clay) eql. 13,000
  95,947.10 jany 23d. 1792 equal to 38,766.67
 123,750 june 30th do 50,000
ƒ350,872.10 141,766.67
# Of these bills Messrs. Willinks & van Staphorst & Hubbard in their letter of the 15th. august 1793 advise the acceptance to amount of £4000 Sterlg. The remainder appearing to have been purchased at a later date, no advice of their fate is yet received. # For sundry bills of exchange on London as per particular account herewith to amount of £7377.11.9 Sterlg. purchased and remitted from the 11th. april to 30th. September 1793 to T. Pinckney Esqr. to be by him placed in the hands of the aforesaid Agents & for which was paid per Bank book & vouchers herewith No. 4 the sum of
32,913.33 174,680
By Nathaniel Cutting advanced him April 12th. 1793 on account of his mission to Algiers per his rect. No. 5 & for which he is to be held accountable 1000
By James Blake advanced him July 12th. 1793 on account of his mis sion to Madrid per Bank book & for which he is to be held accountable 800
By balance due from T. Jefferson Esqr. 4,786 67
Dollars 183,000 Dollars 183,000
Comptroller’s Office Treasury Department
 30th. December 1793 Auditor’s office Decr. 28th. 1793
  A. Brodie Stated & Examined by
 Doyle Sweeny

Tr (DLC: TJ Papers, 96: 16434–5); with subjoined attestation by Joseph Nourse; endorsed: “No. 4736. Statement of the Account of Thomas Jefferson Esqr Secretary of State (Copy).” Tr (DNA: RG 46, Senate Records, 3d Cong., 1st sess.); with Nourse’s subjoined attestation. Tr (Lb in same, TR).

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