Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum to George Taylor, Jr., 22 November 1793

Memorandum to George Taylor, Jr.

The following commissions wanting

  • − + Arthur Livermore Attorney for the District of New Hampshire.1
  • − + Robert Scott (Phila.) to be Engraver to the Mint.
  • − + Robert Denny to be Collector for the district of Annapolis x
  • − + Wm. Mc. Pherson Naval officer for the District of Philada. x
  •   + Walter Stewart Surveyor of the district of Philada. and Inspector of the revenue for the port of Philada.2
  • − + William Barker  2d. Mate } Collector3 Charleston and capt. of Cutter. } This memorandum for Barker and Cozens is exactly copied from one from the Secy. of the Treasury. If it is not understood, explanations must be asked at his office.4
    − + Matthew Cozens 3d. Mate
        Note dates of Com.

Th: J. returns the blanks, as we are now near enough to obtain commissions from the office.5

Nov. 22. 93.

RC (DNA: RG 59, Miscellaneous Records Relating to Appointments); in TJ’s hand, with notations and query by Taylor recorded below; addressed: “Mr. Taylor.” Not recorded in SJL.

William McPherson’s commission as Naval Officer of the port of Philadelphia is illustrated in Appendix iii. All of the commissions passed the Great Seal on 23 Nov. 1793 except for those of Walter Stewart (Memorandum Book of the Department of State, 23 Nov. 1793, DNA: RG 360, PCC). For the delay in commissioning Stewart, see Henry Knox to TJ, 22 Nov. 1793, and note. The memorandum from the Secy. of the treasury is not recorded in SJL and has not been found.

1This entry interlined.

2In margin next to this entry Taylor wrote “these not received from Mr. [J?].”

3Above this column Taylor wrote “recommended by.”

4Below this entry Taylor wrote “all the above dated at Germantown 23. Nov. 1793.”

5Underneath this sentence Taylor wrote to Treasury Department clerk John Meyer: “Mr. Meyer is requested to explain this memorandum as to Barker and Cozens and to signify the dates for their Commissions.”

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