Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Alexander Hamilton and the French Revolution, 15 November 1793

Notes on Alexander Hamilton and the French Revolution

Nov. 15. 93. E.R. tells me that Ham. in conversation with him yesterday said ‘Sir, if all the people in America were now assembled and to call on me to say whether I am a friend to the French revolution, I would declare that I have it in abhorrence.’

MS (DLC); entirely in TJ’s hand; written out of sequence as the initial entry on the first side of the first of two sheets containing “Anas” entries for 8, 18, 21, and 23 Nov. 1793, those of 8 and 18 Nov. being printed under the latter date. Recorded in SJPL: “15. to 23. Notes. Hammond.—Genet—speech to Congress.—renvoi of Genet. fortificns—military academy.” Included in the “Anas.”

Ham.: clearly Alexander Hamilton, despite TJ’s later expansion of the abbreviation in SJPL.

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