Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on the Roehampton and the Pilgrim, [7–14 November 1793]

Notes on the Roehampton and the Pilgrim

[7–14 Nov. 1793]

Sep. 6. Hammond. the Industry within 5. or 6. weeks past armed in Baltimore
12. Baker’s deposition that Industry was brought to Baltimore wharf int. 6th. and 12th. Aug.
15. Thornton. that the Industry about 10. days ago captured and sent the Roehampton
Nicole’s deposition that the Industry came to Baltimore with Fr. fleet from Cape Francois. she had 4. guns mounted.
18. T. S. Lee to Thornton. that a member of council examined her, found she was a privateer and therefore restored her. Bournonville. that the Industry was armed at St. Domingo.
Oct. 13. Thornton. that the Roehampton is sold.
Nov. 7. Hammd. that on requisition from Secy. at War, Kelty examined her.
sold under authority of Fr. Consular tribunal.1
Aug. 6. to 12th. Industry came to Balt. with Fr. fleet from St. Domingo. had 4. guns. and commission.2
Secy. at war ordered examination
Kelty examined—found her a privateer, no material equipments discharged her [this report wanting]
Sep. 6. Mr. Hammond’s first information to me that she had been equipped 4. or 5. W.3
about this day she took and sent to Baltimore the Rochampton
15. Thornton applies to Govr.—takes new evidence4 the Rochampton arrested and discharged by Admiralty.
18. Bournonville reclaims, saying the Industry armed in St. Domingo.
the Rochampton is sold under authority of Fr. Consulr. tribunal.

[on verso:]

  • Roehampton
    • that she stands on the ground of augmentation
      • restn. never promised on this ground
           impracticable to draw line.
    • Kelty’s report
      • aided by Brit. Consul.
      • sufficient excuse for not reducing her then
    • on sending in prize new testimony hunted up.
      • this cannot by retrospection censure the former proceedings.
    • we attend to it however so much as
      • to have directed legal examination
      • if it shall be found true will instruct all governors if she shall enter any port, to reduce her.

  • Pilgrim.
    • refer to Atty. of district to enquire if within limits?
    • has she been condemned?
    • has she been sold?

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 95:16290); written entirely in TJ’s hand on both sides of a small sheet; undated; brackets in original. Recorded in SJPL between 7 and 8 Nov. 1793: “Notes of Roehampton. Pilgrim.”

TJ’s entry in SJPL notwithstanding, these notes could have been written at any time between 7 Nov., when TJ received George Hammond’s letter and memorial on the cases of the Roehampton and the Pilgrim, and 14 Nov. 1793, when he dealt with these matters in letters of that date to Hammond and Zebulon Hollingsworth.

1TJ here left a blank space equal to about five lines of text.

2TJ here canceled a new line reading “Sep. 6. Mr. Hammd. complained to me.”

3Sentence interlined.

4Sentence interlined.

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