Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandums to Benjamin Bankson, [15 September 1793]

Memorandums to Benjamin Bankson

[15 Sep. 1793]

Memorandums for Mr. Bankson.

Mr. Bankson will receive for me at the Treasury 875. Dollars. He will in the first place pay 600. Dollars of it to the bank of North America, and take up a1 note of mine for that sum endorsed by J. Bringhurst and due the 3d. or 4th. of October.

There will then remain free money 275. Dol.
also Mr. Bringhurst’s note now delivd. to Mr. Bankson for  48.
Out of this Mr. Bankson will be pleased to pay
My note in the hands of Mr. John Ross payable Oct. 4. 215.2 (say 215)
Mrs. Fullerton, the acct. now delivd.  66.67
Mr. Ker. do.  41.20 322.87

Bringhurst’s note is payable at sight, and Crosby will collect it. It may3 furnish the payment to Mr. Ker.

The blank commission for a Marshal of this district in the room of Colo. Biddle, who means to resign at the expiration of his term, is offered to Genl. Moylan, who is desired to write to Mr. Bankson, if he accepts it. In that case his name is to be inserted. If he does not accept, it is then to be offered to Majr. Lenox, and his name inserted. If he will not accept Mr. Bankson will be pleased to write to the President informing him of it, and asking his orders. I think Colo. Biddle’s commission expire’s about the 20th. inst. so there is no time to be lost.

Forward all letters to me ‘at Monticello near Charlottesville’ by the post of every4 Monday morning. It goes through but once a week.5

Forward Freneau’s and Fenno’s papers and the Leyden gazette. But no other newspapers. Keep back also all foreign6 packets appearing to have newspapers in them, and all packets appearing to have books or pamphlets.

After Monday the 21st. of October send nothing more to me, as before their arrival at my house, I shall be set out on my return to Philadelphia.

Send by post to the President all the Sea letters countersigned by me and not yet signed by him. As fast as they are sealed, let them be sent to the Treasury.

I have desired Mr. Genet, Mr. Hammond, Mr. Van Berckel and Messrs. Viar and Jaudenes to indorse their names on the letters they write to me in my absence. Forward them with my other letters till the President’s return, but after his return send them to him instead of me.

PrC (DLC: TJ Papers, 94: 16107–8); undated; endorsed by TJ. Recorded in SJL under 15 Sep. 1793 as “memms” to Bankson. Enclosures not found.

Clement Biddle declined another four-year term as marshal for the Pennsylvania district, and after Stephen Moylan turned down the appointment, David Lenox accepted it and was confirmed by the Senate in December 1793 (Annals description begins Annals of the Congress of the United States: The Debates and Proceedings in the Congress of the United States … Compiled from Authentic Materials, Washington, D.C., Gales & Seaton, 1834–56, 42 vols. All editions are undependable and pagination varies from one printing to another. The first two volumes of the set cited here have “Compiled … by Joseph Gales, Senior” on the title page and bear the caption “Gales & Seatons History” on verso and “of Debates in Congress” on recto pages. The remaining volumes bear the caption “History of Congress” on both recto and verso pages. Those using the first two volumes with the latter caption will need to employ the date of the debate or the indexes of debates and speakers. description ends , ii, 2249; Moylan to TJ, 19 Sep. 1793; JEP description begins Journal of the Executive Proceedings of the Senate of the United States … to the Termination of the Nineteenth Congress, Washington, D.C., 1828 description ends , i, 143,144).

1TJ here canceled “bill.”

2Digits reworked from illegible numbers.

3TJ here canceled “be paid to Mr.”

4Word interlined.

5TJ here canceled a new line: “Retain all newsp.”

6Word interlined.

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