Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes for Replies to Edmond Charles Genet and George Hammond, [7–9 September 1793]

Notes for Replies to Edmond Charles Genet and George Hammond

[7–9 Sep. 1793]

29. Ship Wm.
no power in this country could take out of custody of court
29. brig Fanny.
July 12. Lovely Lass and Pr. W. H.
Wm. Tell.

desire the Lovely Lass and Pr. W. Henry to be restored.

[Notes for reply to Hammond:]

Consular jurisdiction.

Brig Wm. Tell will be delivered to court
or reclaimed by executive.

both parties right to cruize.

Fr. has secured to herself 2. rights

  • 1st. XVIIth. to bring in prizes. exclusive
    • Gr. Br. and Fr. same
  • 2d. XIX to come in for urgent necessity
    • XXII. makes it exclusive as to privateers.
  • not so as to public vessels of war.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 92: 15840); entirely in TJ’s hand; undated; consists respectively of notes for letters of 9 Sep. 1793 to Genet and Hammond written upside down from each other at opposite ends of a small sheet containing on verso Dft of Cabinet Opinions on Relations with France and Great Britain, 7 Sep. 1793.

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