Thomas Jefferson Papers

I. Alexander Hamilton’s Outline for the Letter of Recall, [ca. 2 August 1793]

I. Alexander Hamilton’s Outline for the Letter of Recall

[ca. 2 Aug. 1793]

I Discussion of the points in controversy
I fitting out privateers—1 as it stands on the general law of Nations—2 upon the Treaties
Right of
{ Inlistment of our Citizens as connected with it
with reference to his observations.1
II Exercise of consular Jurisdiction—
I as it stands on general law of Nations
II Upon treaties
III Upon the principles of France herself—see Valin

History of his conduct in regard to these points—

I Impropriety of what was done at Charlestown before he had come to the seat of Government had known its sentiments &c
II The expectations he gave in conversations—in writing that he would not repeat the fitting of Privateers,2 and would prevent improper exercise of consular jurisdiction
III His contraventions of these expectations citing the different instances as to fitting out privateers and condemning prizes—
 IV—Attempting to justify them as matters of right—
Enforce the Idea that if his constructions were right his course was wrong—
Ought not have persisted in doing what was contrary to the opinion of the Government, but ought to have referred the matter to National discussion &c &c—
V Impropriety of his having reclaimed our own offending citizens as matter of right
V Disregard of the intimation of the Government with respect to Privateers Citizens Genet and Sans Culottes
cite the particulars

VII Disregard of sense of Government in regard to Little Democrat
Stating particulars—

VIII Offensive stile of his Communications […] instances with summary comments
IX In connection with the last the excessive pretensions of the Vice Consuls disrespectfuly urged and patronised by him by transmitting and upholding their communications.

Improprieties of conduct in other respects—
I His being President of a political society—Society of Friends of Liberty and Equality
II His declaration to Mr. Dallas that he would appeal from the President to the People.

General observation on the inference to be drawn from such circumstances. An inference fortified by the conduct of his Secretary Mr. Pascal stating it with proper remarks on the impropriety of a privileged person pursuing such a course

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 91: 15627–8); undated; entirely in Hamilton’s hand except for later note at head of text by TJ: “Hamilton’s plan of remonstrance against Genet, when it was concluded to write to Gouvernr. Morris, as was afterwards done Aug. 16. 93. Aug. 2. 93.”; two words torn away. Recorded in SJPL between 26 and 29 July 1793: “Hamilton’s plan of remonstrance agt the conduct of Genet.”

The presence of this document among TJ’s papers and his notation, recorded above, both suggest that Hamilton submitted it to TJ on 2 Aug. 1793 in order to assist him in writing Document IV below in accordance with the Cabinet’s decision of the preceding day to ask for the French minister’s recall (Notes of Cabinet Meeting on Edmond Charles Genet, 1 Aug. 1793). Hamilton prepared other notes for TJ’s letter to Morris at about this time, but there is no evidence that he made them available to TJ (Syrett, Hamilton description begins Harold C. Syrett and others, eds., The Papers of Alexander Hamilton, New York, 1961–87, 27 vols. description ends , xv, 166).

His observations: see Genet to TJ, 27 May, 1 June 1793. The work by René Josué Valin was probably his Traité des prises, ou Principes de la jurisprudence françoise concernant les prises qui se font sur mer …, 2 vols. (La Rochelle and Paris, 1763). intimation of the Government: see TJ to Genet, 5 June 1793. Declaration to Mr. Dallas: see Memorandum of a Conversation with Edmond Charles Genet, 10 July 1793. conduct of … Mr. Pascal: see Notes of Cabinet Meeting on Edmond Charles Genet, 23 July 1793, and note.

1This and preceding line interlined.

2Preceding four words interlined in different ink.

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