Thomas Jefferson Papers

Memorandum to George Washington, [11–13 July 1793]

Memorandum to George Washington

[11–13 July 1793]

Th:J. has the papers in the following cases which require as early consideration as the President can well give them.

Vainqueur de la Bastille. Genet’s letter July 8. and Govr. of Carolina’s June 24.

Le Citoyen Genet and prizes. Hammond’s letter July 10.1

Genet’s letter June 26. covering protests of the Consuls against interference of the Admiralty courts, and expressing very improper principles.

Th:J’s letter to Genet. June 25. } arrangement that prizes reclaimed may remain in hands of Consuls, till decision.
Genet’s answer. June 26.

Ship William—reclaimed.

Hammond’s letter June 21.

Th:J. to Genet. June 29.

Brig Fanny—reclaimed.

Hammond’s letter. June 26.

Th:J. to Genet. June 29.

Brig Swallow. Papers from the President. } two British letters of Marque. required to be ordered away.
Ship Jane. Governor’s letter and papers. July 5.
Genet’s letter to Th:J. July 9.

Genet’s letter to Th:J. June 25.

Governr. of Maryland’s letter and papers. June 20. the Trusty.

Th:J’s letter to Genet. June 30.

this is a complaint of enemy ships armed in the ports of the US.

Genet’s letter. July 9. complaining of

Vexatious usage of French passengers on an American vessel, by a British privateer

French property taken out of an American vessel by a British privateer.

MS (DNA: RG 59, MLR); undated; entirely in TJ’s hand; endorsed by Tobias Lear: “Memo. of papers submitted to the Presidt. by the Secy of State July 9th: 1793.” Not recorded in SJL.

Although TJ did not actually submit some of the documents listed in this memorandum until 13 July 1793, Tobias Lear’s endorsement notwithstanding, he probably began it two days earlier, as it mentions no documents written or received later than 10 July 1793 (Washington, Journal description begins Dorothy Twohig, ed., The Journal of the Proceedings of the President, 1793–1797, Charlottesville, 1981 description ends , 195).

The letter from Edmond Charles Genet of June 26. covering protests of the consuls is printed under 25 June 1793. For the papers relating to the Brig swallow, see Washington to TJ, 30 June 1793, and note. The papers concerning the Ship Jane were: Governor Thomas Mifflin of Pennsylvania to Washington, 5 July 1793, in which, citing Articles 17 and 22 of the 1778 treaty of commerce with France, he expressed his disagreement with the contention of François Dupont, the French consul in Philadelphia, that the Jane, an armed British vessel which had recently arrived at Mud Island in the Delaware, should not be allowed to enter Philadelphia harbor (Tr in PHarH: Governor’s Letterbooks); Dupont to Mifflin, 5 July 1793, arguing that the Jane should not be allowed to enter Philadelphia harbor or obtain provisions there (Tr in same, Executive Correspondence); Mifflin to Dupont, 5 July 1793, voicing his disagreement with the consul over the Jane and notifying him that he was referring the case to the President (Tr in same, Governor’s Letterbooks); and a report on the Jane by Nathaniel Falconer, Master Warden of Philadelphia, 5 July 1793, which has not been found. See Pa. Archs., 9th ser., i, 611.

1Preceding three lines interlined.

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