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Enclosure II: Estimate of the Foreign Establishment, 5 November 1792

Estimate of the Foreign Establishment

Estimate of the ordinary expence of the different diplomatic grades, annually.

A Minister Plenipotentiary. A Resident. Agent.
Outfit 1/7 of 9000. 1285.71 Outfit 1/7 of 4500.  642.85 Salary. 1300
Salary 9000. Salary 4500. Extras  350
Secretary 1350. 1650.
Extras  350. Extras  350. Medals to foreign ministers, suppose 5. to be kept here & to be changed once in 7. years will be about 654.6 annually.
Return 1/7 of 2250.  321.42 Return 1/7 of 1125  160.71
12307.13 5653.56
To support the present establishment would require a Reduction of the establishment, to bring it within the limits of D 40,000.
for Paris. Minister Plenipoty. 12,307.13 for Paris. a Minister Plenipty. 12,307.13
London. do. 12,307.13 London. do. 12,307.13
Madrid. Resident  5,653.56 Madrid. a Resident  5,653.56
Lisbon. do.  5,653.56 Lisbon. do.  5,653.56
Hague. do.  5,653.56 Hague. an Agent  1,650.
Medals to foreign ministers    654.6 Medals to for ministers    654.6
42,229.54 Surplus.  1,774.02

Th: Jefferson

MS (DNA: RG 59, MLR); entirely in TJ’s hand; with altered date, as noted below. PrC (DLC). FC (Lb in DNA: RG 360, DL). Tr (Lb in DNA: RG 59, SDC). Recorded in SJPL.

1TJ wrote this date after rubbing out “Oct. 21.” In the PrC he lined through the original date and wrote the new one underneath.

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