Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure II: Statement of the Foreign Salaries and Disbursements of the Department of State, 22 October 1792

Statement of the Foreign Salaries and Disbursements
of the Department of State

Statement of the Salaries of persons employed in the Foreign branch of the Department of State, as also of the actual disbursements and expenses in the discharge of their respective offices and employments from October 1. 1791 to July 1. 1792. Note, the persons employed abroad on the fund of the Act concerning foreign intercourse, are required to make up their accounts annually on the 1. July. Their disbursements, therefore, from July 1. to October 1. 1792. will not be known till their accounts of 1. July 1793 shall be received. For this reason the disbursements herein stated, are for the 9 first months only of the period named in the Order of the Senate of May 7. 1792. The accounts of Mr. Carmichael and Mr. Dumas have not been received—therefore their disbursements cannot be stated.

Mr. Morris, Minister plenipotentiary at Paris salary 9,000   
Mr: Pinckney   do. at London 9,000   
Colo. Humphreys Resident at Lisbon 4,500   
Mr: Short    do. at the Hague 4,500   
Mr. Carmichael, Chargé des affres. at Madrid 4,500   
Mr: Dumas Agent at the Hague 1,300    32,800   
Mr: Morris, Mr: Pinckney, and Mr. Short have recd. within the same period their outfits—a year’s Salary 22,500   
Mr: Short Postage 68.82
 making dyes for Medals for foreign Ministers taking leave, and for Medals 1586.32
 expenses of Mission to Amsterdam on the Loans 444.43
 towards  do.  to Madrid 320   
Colo. Humphreys Postage, Gazettes to Department
of State, distressed American
Seamen, suppose ¾ of 171 D.
128.25 2,547.82

MS (DNA: RG 46, Senate Records, 2d Cong., 2d sess.); in the hand of George Taylor, Jr., with Statement i signed by TJ; originally consisting of a sheet folded in half, with statements on facing pages, but now detached. PrC (DLC). FC (Lb in DNA: RG 360, DL); Statement i dated 18 Oct. 1792.

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