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Explanations of Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard’s Accounts, 21 February 1792

Explanations of Willink, Van Staphorst & Hubbard’s Accounts

Explanations of sundry articles in the accounts of the Willinks, Van Staphorsts & Hubard against the U.S. 1784. Nov. 13. T. Jefferson’s draught on Van den Yvers in favr. of Humphreys. 6500livre tournois. This is explained in my notes on Grand’s accounts. It was to enable Colo. Humphreys to pay for swords made by order of Congress for particular officers. Mr. Adams gave the order on Van den Yvers in favor of me, which was the way I came to have any thing to do with drawing on them. 1787. Feb. 12. T. Jefferson’s draught on Mr. Adams pd. by Puller £ 50. sterling. This was money furnished to Colo. Franks Secretary of the mission to Marocco, to enable him to return from Paris to America with the treaty. I sent his receipt for the money to the treasury board to enable them to debit him. It is chargeable to the Marocco expences. 1788. May 27. Seven draughts by T. Jefferson on Will. V. Stap. & Hubard in favor of Grand 36,000 florins. Grand was in advance for the U.S. and money was wanting for their purposes in Paris. I gave him these bills on account, and have delivered his acknolegemt. to the Auditor. See my Notes on Grand’s acct. ƒ same-date. T. Jefferson’s draught in favor of W. Short on W.V.S.& H. 5943- 4 = 13,146livre tournois-6s June. 18. do. 272-10 = 600 These two articles were for Mr. Short, on account of salary and are credited in his account as my Secretary, now delivd. to the Auditor. ƒ T.J’s draughts on do. in favor Grand 1788. July 12. 2566-13-8 [. . .] Aug. 12. 2572-10 Sep. 16. 2590 In each of these three cases the bankers have introduced confusion by throwing two draughts, for different persons and purposes, into one. The true state of the draughts is as follows. ƒ ƒ ƒ (2566-13-8 =) July 2. 2291-13-8 = 5000livre tournois for T.J. and another draught 275- 0 = 600livre tournois for W. Short (2572-10 =) Aug. 1. 2296-17-8 = 5000. for T.J. and another 275- 0 = 600 for W.S. (2590. =) Sep. 1. 2312-10 = 5000 for T.J. and another 277-10 = 600 for W.S. These sums are accordingly credited in the respective accounts of T. Jefferson and W. Short. 1789. July 13. T.J’s draught on Will. & V. Stap. 2693-15 for W. Short and creditd in his acct. June 17. 6000livre tournois Aug. 15. do. 268-15 for do. do. Aug. 600 Oct. 9. do. 268-15 for do. do. Sep. 600 Nov. 2. do. 489-11 for do. do. balance due to Sep. 24. 1892-19 1789. June 30. T. Jefferson’s order in favor of F.W. Ast 2953livre tournois. I find among my papers the following note which I suppose to be a copy of what I endorsed on my draught in favor of Ast, to shew what it was for. ‘Mr. Ast, in whose favor this order is, was Secretary to Mr. Barclay, Consul general of the U.S. of America in France. Mr. Grand having refused to pay draughts for money without the orders of Th:J. Mr. Barclay applied for paiments to Mr. Ast through Th:J. 1787. June 31. Mr. Barclay drew a bill on Th:J. in favor of Mr. Ast for 1800livre tournois Aug. 2. he advised Th:J. that he hd. drawn on him in favr. Mr. Ast for 495 Nov. 30. By letter from New York he desird Th: J. to pay Mr. Ast 25. guineas more 625. subseqt. charges by Mr. Ast which Th:J. knows to be just. viz Trunk to pack books, baling, plumbing 15/ sterl. expence bringing trunk to Paris, cord &c. 12/6 33 2953.’ Mr. Ast’s letter of Dec. 8. 1788. acknoleging the reciept of this draught on Will. & V. Staph. for 2953livre tournois is now put into the Auditor’s hands, with some others of his letters explaining his situation, and his acct. Th:J. did not chuse to resettle his acct. in the new form he presented it, but chose to pay him on the footing Mr. Barclay had fixed. Note the two draughts of 1800.livre tournois and 495.livre tournois had not been paid. 1789. April 16. A remittance by Will. & V. Staph. to Grand of 15,500 livres for medals. Aug. 15. do. 280,000 for interest to forn. officers. Sep. 24. do. 66,000 for redemption of captives. These three articles are explained in my Notes on Grand’s account and his receipts for the two first are put into the Auditor’s hands. The last sum of 66,000livre tournois was not received from Will. & V. Staph. when I left Paris. It was therefore referred to Mr. Short.

Th: Jefferson
Feb. 21. 1792.

PrC (DLC).

Notes on grand’s accounts: Explanations of Ferdinand Grand’s Accounts, 21 Feb. 1792. Additional information on the funds given to Colo. Franks secretary, and remittances in 1789 for medals and interest to forn. officers may be found in TJ to Richard Harrison, 21 Feb. 1792.

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