Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure I: Draught of a Secret resolution of the Senate, 2 December 1791

Draught of a Secret resolution of the Senate

Resolved by the Senate of the U.S. that if the President of the U.S. shall think proper to enter into any treaty or convention for the purpose of ransoming the citizens of the U.S. now in captivity at Algiers at an expence not exceeding [40,000] dollars, or for the preservation of peace in future with that power, and with Tunis or Tripoli or both, at an expence not exceeding [40,000] dollars to be annually paid for years the Senate will advise and consent to the ratification thereof.

Ransom. D
The ransom lately agreed on by persons unauthorised and unknown  34,792
Clothes and passage of 14. persons @ 100. D. each   1 400
expences of Negotiator &c.                   suppose about   3 000
 39 192
Should the attempt be made and fail it will probably cost   5 000.
Peace. D
  The Dutch, Danes, Swedes, and Venetians pay from 24,000 to annly.  30,000
  France, as is said, besides presents from time to time pays annly. 100,000
  England it is supposed expends one year with another 280,000.

PrC (DLC); brackets in original.

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