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VII. Exports from Eight Northern States before 1776, [ca. 1784]

VII. Exports from Eight Northern States before 1776

[ca. 1784]

Before the late revolution, the eight states, from Delaware to New-Hampshire inclusive, exported to the West Indies, Great Britain and Ireland

£ sterl.
Flaxseed 60,000 } These articles are still received in Gr. Britain and Ireland, as formerly.
Bounty taken off, but not subject to Aliens duty.
Pot-ash 50,000 210,000 
Furs 100,000
Naval stores 75,000 75,000 
Shipping 200,000 200,000  Prohibited.
Whale-oil 200,000 200,000  Pays a duty amounting to a prohibition.
Lumber 80,000 } These articles we formerly carried to the West Indies: but being now restrained to British bottoms, they are scarcely carried there at all and may be considered as prohibited.
Live-stock 100,000
Flour 360,000
Wheat 50,000
Indian corn  20,000 610,000 
Spermaceti 20,000 } Articles formerly carried to the West Indies, but now expressly prohibited.
Fish 125,000
Beef and Pork 30,000
Slaves 50,000 225,000.
Total 1,445,000 £ sterl.

The same states exported moreover to other parts of the world

£ sterl.
Flour 240,000
Wheat 100,000
Indian corn 7,000
Fish 125,000 472,000 £ sterl.

Great-Britain Ireland and the West-Indies then took off three fourths of the exports of these eight states. They now take the three first articles only, being one tenth.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 36: 6238); in TJ’s hand; undated but perhaps compiled about 1784. PrC (DLC: TJ Papers, 59: 10125–6).

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