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XIII. Population of the Northwest Territory, 31 January 1791

XIII. Population of the Northwest Territory

The Number of Souls in the Territory of the United States North West of the River Ohio A. D. 1790

In the Seven Ranges of Townships
Ohio Company Purchase 1000
The French Settlement Opposite Kanhawa
Symmes Settlements 1300
Clarksville at the Rapids of Ohio 60
Vincennes on the Aubache inclusive of River du Chy Station 1000
Kaskaskias 315
Cayhokia 365
At the grand Ruifseau Village of St. Phillip Prairie du Rochers 240

In the Town of Vincennes upon the Aubache are about 40 American Families and 31 Slaves, included in the above Estimate. Upon the Mississippi also 40 American Families and about 73 Slaves which are likewise included.

Upon the Spanish Side of the Mississippi above the Confluence of the Ohio are

At Genivieve, Saline and
  a small new Village
  half of which are Blacks.
  850 the
St. Louis   720 of which
  120 are Blacks.
A small Settlement 12 Miles West.   100
A Settlement 20 Miles up the Missouri River   150

MS (DLC); in Winthrop Sargent’s hand, except for totals which were inserted in pencil by TJ. Printed in New-York Journal, 31 Jan. 1791. St. Clair estimated the population of the french settlement, left blank in Sargent’s tabulation, at “about four hundred” (see enclosure, Document viii). A census of 1791 showed a total of 347 persons, 237 males and 110 females. Half of these were between 20 and 40 years of age, almost a third were between 1 and 20, and 29 were infants (J. Guion, “Etat de la population de la Colonie françoise,” 20 May 1791, MHi: Sargent Papers).

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