Thomas Jefferson Papers
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From Thomas Jefferson to Joseph Nourse, 11 December 1790

To Joseph Nourse

December 11th. 1790


In compliance with your letter of November 10th. I have now the honor to enclose you an estimate of the expenses of the Department of State for one year from the 1st. day of January 1791, as nearly as I can foresee them.

I am with great respect &c.

FC (DNA: RG 59, PCC No. 120). Enclosure (same): “Estimate of the expences of the Department of State for one year from the 1st. day of January 1791,” as follows:

“The Secretary of State’s Salary  3500 dolrs.
one Chief Clerk 800
Three Clerks                            @ 500  each 1500
Clerk for foreign Languages 250
Office keeper and Messenger 200
Stationary of all kinds 150
Firewood 66
Newspapers from the different States, supposed 17 at 4 dollars 68
A Collection of the Laws of the States to be
  made, and already begun, suppose
Gazettes from abroad, & to be sent abroad 25
Laws of the United States to be published in five papers
  at about 100 dolrs. each publication
Laws of the 2d. Session published in four papers
  at 118 dollars each
Office Rent at Philadelphia 187 .50
  Ditto at New York, supposing the house there not to be
    let, or if let, the Rent not recovered, for the office
    is responsible
Whole amount of the expenses of the Department
  of State, at home
8068 .50
Expenses of the same, as fixed by law, abroad 40000.

Nourse’s letter of 10 Nov. 1790 (missing) was received on that date (SJL). For a general note on departmental personnel, services, and operating costs for the period 1790–1793, see group of documents at 12 Aug. 1790 (TJ 17: 343–87).

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