Thomas Jefferson Papers

Remsen’s Account of Moving Expenses, [25 November 1790]

Remsen’s Account of Moving Expenses

[25 Nov. 1790]

1790 The Honorable Mr. Jefferson Dr.
Augt. 9th. New York curry.
To cash paid for a silver Inkpot & pen 2 ½ dollars £1. 0.0
October 1st. “ paid Francis & Mathew 14 ½ dollars each 11.12.0
“ paid for strapping Mr. Jefferson’s cases with hoops  0.10.0
[To cash] paid for carting Mr. Jefferson’s furniture, including Francas’s, to the wharf   1. 5.0
13th. “ paid the freight of Mr. Jefferson’s effects, and those of Mr. Madison, and the Servants   9.12.0
“ paid the passages of Francis & his wife & Mathew  2. 0.0
14th. “ paid the cartage of Mr. Jefferson’s furniture, Mr. Madison’s & Servants  0.16.4
Novem. 6th. “ paid Francis & Mathew eleven dollars each  8.16.0
Cr. by cash H. Remsen junr. retained out of Mr. Jefferson’s quarter’s salary 75 dollr. 30.0.0
by cash Mr. Jefferson paid for the Richmond paper 5 dollars  2.0.0
£32.0.0 – 32. 0.0
Balance  £3.19.4

Note. Mr. Madison will pay Mr. Jefferson for the freight of his cases from New York to Philadelphia, and the cartage from the Philadelphia wharf to the Office where they were deposited, and from Mr. Jefferson’s house at New York to the Sloop. He should be charged about 5d. per square foot Freight—the cartage may amount to about half a dollar.

H. Remsen Junr.

MS (MHi); in Remsen’s hand. TJ settled this account with Remsen on 25 Nov. 1790, having just arrived in Philadelphia on the 20th. Five days later he paid for a “monstrous bill of freight” on the shipment of his books and household goods from France (Account Book, 25 and 30 Nov. 1790; see Short to TJ, 7 Nov. 1790, for note on the cargo brought by the Henrietta from Le Havre). In addition to the effects brought from New York and Philadelphia, TJ sent on to Philadelphia one trunk by stagecoach and three boxes shipped by the Linnet from Virginia. He also received an additional box from Charleston by the Philadelphia (Account Book, 12 and 15 Nov., 15 Dec. 1790).

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