Thomas Jefferson Papers

II. Memoranda Concerning Distribution, Cost, and Makers of Medals, [ca. February 1789]

II. Memoranda Concerning Distribution, Cost, and Makers of Medals

[ca. Feb. 1789]

S. C. S. C. S C
1 1. Denmark. 1 Spire
1. Norway 1 Hungary.
1. 1. Sweden. 1 1 Poland
1. 1. Russia. 13 13. Switzerland
1. Ireland. 1. 1. Geneva.
1. 1. France 1. 1. Spain
1. 1. United Nethlds. 1 1. Portugal
1. Austrian Nethlds. 1. 1. K. of Sardinia
1 Arbp of Mentz. 1. Milan
1 Abp of Treves 1 1. Genoa
1 Abp of Cologne 1 1. Venice
1 Elector of Bohemia. 1 1. Tuscany.
1 E.          of Bavaria. 1 Luna
1 E.          of Saxony 1 St. Marino.
1 E.          of Brandenbg. 1 Parma.
1 E.          Palatine D. of Bava. 1. Modena
1 Emperor. 1 1 Rome
1 D. of Saxe-Gotha. 1 1 Neples.
1 D. of Wirtemberg. 1 Malta.
1 D. of Mecklenburg Schwerin 1 Marocco
51 34
1 Saxony Congress. 15 200
1 1 Prussia. 1. Rochambeau 1
1 Bale 1. Destaing 1
1 Liege. 1. Degrasse 1
66 237
Gold. Genl. Washington. device ready
Gates done
* Wayne no instructions
Morgan. device imperfect
Greene done
P. Jones.
Silver. * Lt. Col. Stewart. no instructions
Lt. Col. Washington. device ready
Lt. Col. Howard. device ready

DuVivier. Vieux Louvre. [He offered for 2400.livre tournois gold and coining not included]

DuPré. Graveur en medailles, de l’academie de peinture et sculpture, place Dauphine [He made Gen. Greene’s] The dies 2400.livre tournois gold 444.livre tournois silver 25.livre tournois-13. cop. 6livre tournois He asked 2400.livre tournois for the dies of Morgan’s, Colo. Wash’s and Howard’s each.

Gatteaux. St. Thomas du Louvre. v.v. la tresorerie du D. d’Orleans [Gates’s.] 2500.livre tournois for the 2 dies. 400livre tournois for the med. of gold and 6.livre tournois each for those of copper. He asked 2000.livre tournois for Colo. Wash’s and the same for Howard’s. i.e. for the dies. He lives Cour du commerce, prés la rue St. André des arts.

Duvivier Genl. Washington. Dies 30 3600livre tournois
Col. Washington do. 20 1600
Col. Howard do. 20 1600
Dupré Genl. Morgan’s do. 24 2400
Adml. Jones’s do. 24 2400
Gatteaux Genl. Wayne do. 24. 2400
Major Stewart do. 20 2000
 7 pair of dies @ 2500livre tournois 17,500livre tournois
 <3>4. gold medals @ 400.livre tournois 1,600
 3. silver do @ 20.livre tournois 60
 66.X9 = 594 Silver @ 20.livre tournois 11 880
237X9 = 2133 Copper @ 6.livre tournois 12 798

* These seem not to have been committed to Colo. Humphries, judging by his silence on them in his letter Apr. 4. 86.

MS (DLC: TJ Papers, 233: 41772, 41772v, 41771, 41773); entirely in TJ’s hand; endorsed by him: “Medals” undated, but probably drawn up early in 1789 when TJ had his interview with Dupré (see TJ to Dupré, 3 Jan. 1789). The pages of these notes have evidently become disarranged and the precise order cannot be determined; the text as here given parallels the sequence of folio numbers above.

TJ originally calculated a larger number of copper medals for distribution in Europe. As originally drafted, Switzerland was to receive 26 copper and 13 silver examples of each of the medals; sixteen states were to receive two copper and one silver example of each; and twenty-two archbishops, electors, and other rulers were to receive one copper and one silver example of each. TJ then reduced the number to the above list, possibly in order to eliminate those destined for academies as recommended by him but not authorized by Congress (TJ to Jay, 4 May 1787; Jay to TJ, 8 Sep. 1787). TJ’s estimates of the total cost show that at this time he was contemplating the distribution of sets of nine medals—the seven here listed as requiring dies to be made, plus those for Greene and Gates that had already been executed. His later preparation of descriptions of the medals for printing show that to these he intended to add the De Fleury, Libertas Americana, and Franklin medals, the last two of which had not been authorized by Congress.

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