Thomas Jefferson Papers

Commission for Harry Innes, 29 September 1779

Commission for Harry Innes

[Williamsburg], 29 Sep. 1779. Appointing Innes “a Commissioner, in the room of David Robinson, for executing in Montgomery and Washington District, the Act of Assembly entituled ‘An Act for adjusting and settling the titles of Claimers to unpatented Lands under the present and former Government previous to the establishment of the Commonwealths and Office.’”

MS (PPAP); in a clerk’s hand, signed by TJ.

For a general treatment of commissions issued by TJ as governor, see Vol. 6: 640–6 and the accompanying illustrations following p. 668. Among other variant types of commission forms found subsequent to this summarization, there is one issued to Joseph Crockett on 8 Nov. 1779 appointing him a lieutenant colonel of a battalion of infantry in the Virginia line (DNA: RG 93, printed form filled in by clerk and signed by TJ; this form is similar to that designated in Vol. 6: 642 as No.5, employing the same types but with variant text). Another of the same type is that issued to James Montgomery 2 June 1780 as lieutenant of infantry in the Illinois Regiment (DNA: RG 93; signed by TJ).

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