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To Thomas Jefferson from John Brown Cutting, 27 December 1788

From John Brown Cutting

Charlestown, 27th Decr. 1788.

My Dear Sir

An unexpected opportunity to Bourdeaux affords me a chance of contributing to your entertainment by the inclosed papers. Time will not permit me nor my limited sources of intelligence, to enter into any satisfactory details of the affairs of this state or the union, much more to obtrude any opinions of my own.

I am unaffectedly to thank You for the communications you have heretofore made to, and the favours you have confer’d upon me in a variety of modes, and to endeavour to merit your countenance in future by more than mere professions of that sincere attachment and respect with which I have the honor to be Your faithful And Mo. Obed. Servt.,

John B. Cutting

The election of a fœderal representative for this district terminated in favour of Mr. Smith against Dr. Ramsay (and Commodore Gillon) by a majority of 200 out of 600 votes: The Commodore obtaind more suffrages than the Doctor. (Mr. Charles Pinckney is mention’d for the new Governor of S. Carolina.)

The following Gentlemen are already chosen Senators of the United States in Congress to be assembled on the 1st of March.

New Hampshire }
Hon.  John Langdon Esquire
Bartlett Esquire
} Reported

Massachusetts }
Hon. Caleb Strong Esquire
Tristram Dalton Esquire
vice James Bowdoin resignd
} Fœderal
Connecticut }
Hon.  W. S. Johnson Esquire
Elsworth Esquire
} Fœderal
New Jersey }
Hon.  William Patterson Esquire
Elmer Esquire
} Fœderal
Pennsylvania }
Hon.  Robert Morris Esquire
McClay Esquire
} Fœderal
Delaware }
Hon. Read Esquire
Basset Esquire
} Fœderal
Maryland }
Hon. Charles Carrol Esquire
John Henry Esquire
} Fœderal
Virginia }
Hon.  Richard Henry Lee Esquire
Grayson Esquire
} Hotly     Anti-fœderal
and very     violent
South Carolina }
Senatorial } Ralph Izard Esquire
Candidates Genl. Sumpter
Major Butler
Georgia } Choice unknown but reported strongly } Fœderal
Pennsylvania. Two from the City And one from six of the principal Counties in the Commonwealth } Representatives under the new fœderal Constitution voted for altogether throughout the whole state and elected recently by a majority of 2000 out of 14000 votes, Messrs. Fitzsimmons, Geo. Clymer Wynkoop, Scott, Hiester, Hartley, Genl. Muhlenburg and Fr. A. Muhlenburg.
Fœderal in toto.
Virginia } New Governor Beverly Randolph. Report rumours that Edmund Randolph resigned to advocate the fœderal system in the Assembly.
Maryland } Thos. Johnson chosen governor and resigned, J. E. Howard accepted.

RC (DLC); endorsed. Recorded in SJL as received 15 Feb. 1789.

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