Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Dugnani, 3 December 1788

From Dugnani

three Xbre Wensday

The Apostolical Nuncio present his complimens to Mr. Jefferson, and he prie him to receeve his best remercimens for the paper what he please to sind. I shall be glaide to know the price of it.

If his Kindnesse whill be to occupe him in to Englich Song, he is persuaded to retorn to occupe him upon Italien languig by the books what he have the pleasure to sind him. The subject whil interresse a Lover of musick.

RC (DLC); endorsed: “Dugnani. Ct. de. Apostolical Nuncio.”

The paper: On 8 Feb. 1789 TJ made the following entry in his Account Book: “Recd. of Nuncio for ream of paper from Engld. 24.livre tournois” This was evidently intended for use on Dugnani’s copying press which TJ obtained for him in England in 1787. The following memorandum (MS in DLC: TJ Papers, 46: 7772, PrC in MHi; another MS [Dft] in DLC: TJ Papers, 46: 7773), in TJ’s hand, lists all the equipment which Dugnani originally received:

 £  s
“1. Iron copying machine  8. 8.
 1. pair damping boxes    15.
 1. Ream folio copying post  1. 1.
 a 6 quire letter book, bound in vellum    13.
 1. doz. papers copying ink powder     9.
 spare sponge papers     2.
 spare oiled papers     2.
 1. wetting book     1. 6.
 1. drying book     1. 6.
 4. boxes copying wafers     4.
 cases to contain the whole     9.
 shipping expenses     5.
 Exchange at 29 5/16  12.11. = 308.livre tournois 5s
 Transportation and duties  12.12.
[On Dft in DLC only:]
Aug. 27. 1787. pd. Garvey’s bill for transportn. &c. from England  21.10.6
342. 7.6”
The last item on Dft in DLC was not applied to the total of costs for the copying press for Dugnani and was not paid by him; an entry in TJ’s Account Book for 11 Dec. 1787 shows that he received “of the Nuncio for a copying press from England 320livre tournois17” and another entry under 27 Aug. 1787 shows that Garvey’s bill for 21livre tournois10s. 6d. was paid for “copying press for Chastellux.” These facts, together with the presence in TJ’s papers of several copies, indicate that this was less an invoice than it was a standard list of the basic items necessary for copying equipment, together with costs, including transportation and duty, which TJ occasionally procured for friends in France, Spain, and America.

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