Thomas Jefferson Papers

Enclosure: To Willink & Van Staphorst, 19 June 1788

To Willink & Van Staphorst

Paris June 19. 1788.


Be pleased to pay to Mr. William Frederic Ast or order two thousand nine hundred and fifty three livres tournois arrears of salary due to him as clerk to Mr. Barclay Consul general of the United states of America, as stated on the back of this order for the information of the person who may at any time hereafter be appointed to settle your account with the United states. I am gentlemen Your most obedient humble servt,

Th: Jefferson

Mr. Ast, in whose favor this order is, was Secretary to Mr. Barclay, Consul general of the U. S. of America in France. Mr. Grand having refused to pay draughts for money without the orders of Th: J. Mr. Barclay applied through Th: J. for paiments to Mr. Ast, as follows.1

1787. June 31.2 Mr. Barclay drew a bill on Th: J. in favour of Mr. Ast for 1800. livres
Aug. 2. He advised Th: J. that he had drawn on him in favor of Mr. Ast for  495.
Nov. 30. By letter from New York he desired Th: J. to pay Mr. Ast 25. guineas more  625.
Subsequent charges by Mr. Ast which Th: J. knows to be just
Viz. Trunk to pack books, baling plumbing 15/ sterl.
Expence bringing trunk to Paris, cord &c. 12/6   33
2953. livres

PrC (DLC); both the order on Willink & Van Staphorst and the statement of “specific sums” referred to in the covering letter are pressed on the same sheet, unlike the (missing) RC, which had the statement written on its verso. TJ retained another PrC of the statement only (DLC: TJ Papers, 36: 6131) that is identical with the one printed above, save as indicated below.

1In second PrC mentioned above the concluding part of this sentence reads: “… Mr. Barclay applied for paiments to Mr. Ast through Th: J.”

2Thus in MS.

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